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How to Handle Rejection at Auditions

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

This week in The Voice Lab we’ve been discussing resilience - what it means, where we’ve demonstrated it, and how to build it up in our personal and work lives. In this article I'll be discussing how you can build more resilience in different areas for your life and sharing the seven Cs of the Resilience Map.

Resilience is something that we can have an abundance of in some areas of our lives, and less in others.

If you say a person is resilient’ it is partly true; it is likely that they have resilience to situations that they have experienced many times, but are less resilient to new challenges.

Even if you have built resilience in lots of areas of your life, it is not always easy to see how you did it.

But if you’ve done it before (which you have), you can do it again (which you will).

But how can we understand resilience so that we can repeat the process multiple times?

According to paediatrician and human development expert Dr Ginsburg, there are seven factors that, when developed and integrated, build resilience - I call it the Resilience Map.

There are seven area, - the Sevens Cs, of the Resilience Map:

Competence - the ability to do something

Confidence - belief in your own abilities

Connection - the existence if a stable network

Character - a strong sense of self-worth

Contribution - the opportunity and ability to give something to your community

Coping - ability to deal with challenges

Control - having control over your decisions and actions.

Of course this is subjective and dependent on many variables. More a guide than a check list, by referring to these seven Cs, we can but it at least enable some understanding of how we can build resilience in specific areas.

So how is this helpful when it comes to auditions?

The first thing to remember about auditions is that the panel are looking for lots of different characteristics in their castings. And often they don't know what they're looking for until they see it. Even if they think they do. And sometimes they've already made a decision but have to continue with auditions to fulfil legal obligations. It's as true as it is unfair.

If you're going to lots of auditions but getting few, if any, callbacks, consider the package you are offering and ask where you could make some tweaks.

Is your look too specific - or too unspecific, for that matter?

Is your voice very distinct or does it blend with other voices easily?

Are you a genre specialist or are you more versatile?

When you consider the different factors that casting or voice directors might be looking for it's easier to see where you might be hired or passed over.

Finally, check back over the seven Cs and see where you can start filling in any gaps in your Resilience Map.

And remember, every No you hear is a step closer to your perfect Yes.

Stay hydrated.

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