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Singing Lessons for Singer-Songwriters

You can hone your singing and performance skills with a top London voice coach from *anywhere in the world! 

Singer-songwriters have a unique place in the world. Being able to create music from your imagination and experiences and share it with the world is a special talent. And as a singer-songwriter you are properly placed to do that. 

But it can be frustrating when what you hear when you sing is so different to what you hear in your head. If you struggle to hit the right notes without straining, struggle to breathe properly when you sing or just can't project your voice without getting a sore throat then singing lessons are probably the answer. Imagine knowing exactly how to approach any song without worrying about how your voice will sound or whether you'll  "that note" properly. 

You can develop a strong and powerful voice that you can be confident an proud of - and write even better songs that utilise your new vocal skills.

My speciality and expertise lie in helping contemporary singer-songwriters to develop professional singing techniques, and build the confidence to create incredible performances both live and in the studio.

I've been teaching singer-songwriters and in the Fulham and surrounding areas since 2003 and online since 2018, delivering fun, dynamic singing lessons. I'm a lively award-winning voice coach and singing teacher and best-selling artist. I have performed in more than thirty countries, selling three Top Ten albums (including a Number One). 

We will work together so that you can:

- Expand your range

- Improve pitch and accuracy

- Develop stronger vocal control

- Develop a smoother tone

- Improve your breath control

- Find your own voice 

I cover all contemporary genres:










Musical Theatre

Book your FREE Vocal Assessment today to discover how singing lessons could help you.

*Internet access required.

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