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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I benefit from voice training?

Your voice is a part of you. As it is yours, it is very easy to take it for granted and put off treating it like other instruments. Unlike other instruments, it comes for free, but like other parts of your body, it is vulnerable to damage. 

Speaking and singing are physical exercises; we use our whole body for both. Like any other physical exercise, if you don't learn how to use your body safely it is very easy to slip into bad habits, causing vocal fatigue and damage. With the right training, you will be able to understand how to use your instrument correctly so that you can sing even the most difficult songs speak at length or project your voice without causing injury.

Do you have specific teaching qualifications?

Yes, I have a Rock School Teaching Licenciate (LTCL, Level 6) and a PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Level 7).

How much do you charge for lessons?

Lessons are available in blocks only. Different students have different requirements, therefore, packages are priced appropriately and start at £47per month for group training, with progressive increments for one-to-one and advanced training. While I am not the cheapest, the personal and professional benefits you will get from your learning will far outweigh the financial investment.

For higher investments, you can choose to pay upfront or in instalments. Like all formal courses, you will be asked to sign a Learning Agreement and payment contract whichever payment method you select.

Where do you hold your lessons?

Lessons are held at Dance Attic in Fulham, and online.

Why are lessons only available in blocks and packages?

In my experience, students who commit to a course are more likely to advance more quickly.
Looking back on twenty-one years of teaching and learning, I have put together the most beneficial packages to suit your needs.
Your package will include the extra support you need to accelerate your success.

Are online lessons as good as face-to-face lessons?

I have students around the world, including China!
Lockdown has proven that online lessons are as valuable as face-to-face lessons, however I did teach online before lockdown.
As long as you have a strong internet connection, online lessons can be just as good, if not better, than face-to-face lessons. As an international vocal coach, I have students all over the world who benefit from online lessons. 
Plus, you can take lessons anywhere you like and there's no need to figure out travel times or navigate traffic!

Do you teach in students' homes

I generally don't teach at students's homes. If and when I occasionally do, this incurs a considerable premium.

While I understand why some teachers and coaches travel, this would limit the number of clients I could help, as travel around London, even locally, can take up to two hours at peak times.

What if I don't want to attend the Masterclasses and Progression & Accountability Meetings?

The meetings are part of the package. Clients find that the extra sessions help them to stay focused and track their progress. The Academy also provides a support network to celebrate your wins and support you win you are feeling demotivated.
All Masterclasses are recorded and uploaded to the Membership area, so the value of your membership increases every month while the investment remains competitive.

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