Carrie Griffiths with Coaching Client

Transformational Coaching for Creatives

Are you feeling stuck and unsure how to move forward?

Are alarm bells ringing and telling you it's time for a change?

Maybe you've had some success but somehow you can't get to the next step in your personal or professional life?

Perhaps you've tried everything you can think of but nothing seems to work?

Or it could be that you're bored of the same old routine and ready for a complete change. 

Whether you're trying to reach the next stage in your career, create better personal habits, or start something new, confusion about what to do next can leave you feeling unheard, frustrated, disempowered, and demotivated.

But you can turn it around.

If you're a creative who is doing all the "right" things but feel like you're getting nowhere, personal and professional coaching gives you the tools and strategies YOU need to help you get out of a rut, reignite your fire. 

I will help you find the missing piece that can unlock the gates to success and get you moving in the right direction.

Together we will get really clear on where you want to go and focus on making it happen. You will discover how you can reduce overwhelm, create a practical plan that you can implement straight away. 

You can choose from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions. These are solutions-based, empowering online sessions lasting around 45 minutes where we will explore creative ways to create more freedom, put the zest back into your life and get you closer to your goals. 

Start by booking your complimentary online  Breakthrough Session now. 

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Thaise Braga, Singer

 I am really keen to learn more about myself and to start dealing with my inner fears.

I was so surprised by the questions she asked me and how she managed to go through my points; I was expecting something more superficial, but Carrie actually brought me into a place that really got me revisiting habits and thoughts that I should get rid of; Also she managed to help me to identify where to start…It could not be more helpful!

I loved her kind way to clarify the questions for me and her sweet approach.

Now I can say I do have more clarity around my goals and I feel more energised than ever!

I couldn’t recommend Carrie more! Totally would choose her over and over again as a Coach!