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Artist Development

Navigating the rapidly-changing Music Industry can be time-consuming,  confusing and frustrating.

Drawing on more than twenty years experience in the business, our Artist Development program will help you to build your following, launch your next release and even make money from music, withouth waiting endlessly for your "Big Break". 

Choose weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions and build your career in music. 

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Artist Development and Mentoring: About
Artist Development and Mentoring: Student Testimonials

Thaise Braga, Singer

 I am really keen to learn more about myself and to start dealing with my inner fears.

I was so surprised by the questions she asked me and how she managed to go through my points; I was expecting something more superficial, but Carrie actually brought me into a place that really got me revisiting habits and thoughts that I should get rid of; Also she managed to help me to identify where to start…It could not be more helpful!

I loved her kind way to clarify the questions for me and her sweet approach.

Now I can say I do have more clarity around my goals and I feel more energised than ever!

I couldn’t recommend Carrie more! Totally would choose her over and over again as a Coach!

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