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Not Just Singing Lessons!

There are lots of reasons people look for voice training. Here at the Secret Vocal Academy, we believe that your voice can make an impact whether you are commanding thousands from the stage, or talking with your friends over coffee. Whatever your reason, you could be closer to a solution than you realise!

We specialise in helping:

  • Business Coaches

  • Speakers

  • Professional Leaders

  • Experienced/Professional Singers

  • Trans Femmes

  • Singing Teachers and Voice Coaches

Whether you're ready to make big changes or just want to make a few tweaks, the simple system I have created can unlock your voice in as little as a few weeks, so that you can speak or sing with more control, strength and power!

You might be unsure about your future prospects but what you can be sure of is that being able to use your voice properly and safely, offers additional skills that you can take anywhere and use for the rest of your life.  

I have been fortunate to have been able to do just that, and tap into those experiences to help other singers, as well as leading speakers, educators and entrepreneurs, to further their reach and build on their existing success. And if you're a singer looking to become a teacher we have everything you need to help you train for your qualification, set up and grow your business. 

As a singer, speaker and voice coach, I have found that there are four main challenges that all of us face when we try to improve or enhance our voices in any way. Drawing from twenty-one years of singing and sixteen years of teaching, I have created a simple 4-part system that ANYONE can use to:

  • project your voice effortlessly

  • master professional speaking and singing techniques 

  • master melodic speech

  • alleviate dysphoria

  • develop unstoppable confidence

  • monetise your voice across different industries

  • create financial growth

  • maximise profits.   

As someone who feels motivated to move forward and take the next step in developing a more dynamic voice, you may be unsure whether now is the right time to invest in vocal coaching. No one can control the future, but if you look after today, you have a better chance of success tomorrow. ​​

What I learned from having toured internationally, performing to audiences of thousands and selling a number one album, is that as long as you are determined, and have the right people around you, you can do anything! 

Interested in Singing for Health and Wellbeing? 

Focused mindful and uplifting group or solo singing and relaxation, helping you to relieve stress, reconnect with your voice and body and enhance general wellbeing. 


Courses and Workshops

Voice Training for Singing

Protect, Project and Perfect Your Voice

No matter your level of skill or experience, you’ll gain a lot from taking my Intermediate Technique Workshop. Each class includes practical and theoretical instruction, along with plenty of time to put your new knowledge into practice. Contact me to find out about availability.

Voice Training for Speaking

Speak louder, for longer without discomfort or damage

Whether you are an established Public Speaker or a discreet 1:1 coach, your voice is one of your biggest assets. 

Voice training can help you to:

~ stop straining your voice

~ develop a smoother tone

~ have more control

~ increase vocal strength

~ develop a more powerful speaking voice

~ increase inner confidence

Even if your voice is in good condition learning how to protect, project, and perfect your voice properly, using the correct techniques, will help to create a bigger impact and increase the longevity of your career.  

Click the link to apply for voice training or to find out more. 

Voice Feminisation

Sensitive, Client-led Voice Training

When you sign up for my Advanced Music Theory Class, you can be assured of plenty of individual attention and focus. Each lesson involves an element of learning and theory but the majority of the class is devoted to putting that theory into practice. Get in touch to find out more.

Singing for Health and Wellbeing

Even if you think you're tone deaf!

Singing and sound for Wellbeing - even if you think you’re tone deaf! 

As a female or non-binary entrepreneur or biz owner it’s easy to become stressed and worn out, especially if you are dealing with vicarious trauma. Throw in family into the mix and now you’re struggling to make any time for yourself and do something you love. 

That is why we created Release and Unleash. It’s a program of 45-minute interactive and immersive sessions that integrates soundbath therapy with singing for wellbeing. And you can fit it into your lunchtime break while the kids are at school. 

These sessions can help you to

  • alleviate stress

  • banish burnout

  • reconnect with yourself

  • relax and refocus

This is camera-on fun session, perfect for anyone who loves music and singing - no previous experience is needed and all abilities are welcome. Singers must be aged 18 or over.

Teaching Diploma

Share your love of singing

Teaching is challenging and rewarding in equal measures.

In a world of uncertainty, helping others to sing provides not only an ethical income but allows you to connect with people from all walks of life. 

Being a singing teacher means more than just sharing technical knowledge, you are a supporter, a leader, and often you are your students' biggest cheerleader. 

If you are an experienced singer and you...

~ love working with people

~ have an inherent understanding of music and performance 

~ can read music and understand music theory to at least Grade 8

...and you are ready to share your love of singing with others, teaching could be perfect for you. 

I can help you to learn all of the skills and give you all of the tools required to acquire your Level 4 or Level 6 Professional Diploma and build a successful, profitable teaching business.

If you would like to find out more, please click Apply Now and complete the application form. 


Chloë Bisson, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Professional Speaker

...just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help with my voice coaching. The techniques you've shared with me in such a short space of time have been a life saver! I can now speak for longer, project my voice so much betterand don't feel nearly as exhausted afterwards because it flows so much easier! Thank you so much Lovely!


Term Dates

for Group Courses
September 2020 - June 2021

Group lessons available for speaking training only. Group singing lessons postponed until further notice.

September 28th ~ 23rd November

Term 1

Break 26th - 30th October

January 18th ~ March 31st

Term 2

Break February 17th - 29th March

April 26th ~ June 26th

Term 3

Break May 25th - 28th May

July 5th ~ August 27th 2021

Summer School

Group courses, Workshops, Bootcamp, and Kids' Academy to be held during July and August 2021. Dates tbc.


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