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Whether you are a singer looking to take the next step or you feel a more powerful speaking voice would create a better first impression, Carrie can show you how. 

As a singer, Speaker and Voice Coach, I have found that there are three main challenges that all of us face when we try to improve of enhance our voices in any way. Drawing from twenty-one years of singing and sixteen years of teaching, I have created a simple 4-part system that ANYONE can use, to help you to project your voice effortlessly, master professional speaking and singing techniques, master melodic speech and develop unstoppable confidence to create financial growth and maximise profits. 

If you are a singer or creative who feels motivated to move forward and take the next step in developing a more dynamic voice, you may be unsure whether now is the right time to have vocal coaching. Or perhaps you're feeling nervous about the current situation or the future. No one can control the future, but if you look after today, you have a better chance of success tomorrow. 

Whether you want to sing in the shower or perform to thousands, make yourself heard in normal

conversations or speak to the masses, vocal training can turn the marathon into a sprint! 

I was really nervous about my future when I decided to take my singing seriously, but when I learned how to use my voice correctly I was more successful more quickly. 

What I learned from having toured internationally, performing to audiences of thousands and selling a number one album, is that as long as you are determined, you can do anything! 

Using the four-part strategy I have created drawing from twenty years in the business, you can level up from shower to stage in a matter of weeks!

Singing for Wellbeing ~ mindful and uplifting ensemble singing and relaxation programs to help you to relieve stress, reconnect with your voice and body and rediscover the satisfying effects of singing for pleasure. Rolling ten-week program. Corporate contracts available. 


Voice Training for Singing and Speaking

The Singing Mastery Academy

Four Levels of Singing Training from Beginner to Professional

The Singing Mastery Academy integrates different elements of the four-part S.I.N.G System appropriate to the Academy level.

Bronze Academy Membership: ideal for you if you are a complete beginner, enjoy singing as a hobby, or not quite ready to commit to weekly lessons yet. 

You can enjoy: recorded training sessions, online monthly Masterclass and group Progression Meeting, to help you set out your singing goals and create a plan for success! PLUS - private Facebook Group for real-time feedback and support from Carrie and BONUS Singing Mastery Academy Progress Journal!

Silver Academy Membership: ideal for you if you are just starting out or prefer the community vibe! 

You can enjoy: Bronze Membership benefits, PLUS weekly group lessons and Unstoppable Mindset Bundle, to help you build more confidence!

Gold Academy Membership: ideal for you if you are getting serious about your singing, and are ready to take their voice to the next level.

You can enjoy: all the benefits of the Bronze Academy PLUS bespoke one-to-one lessons to accelerate your success!

Platinum Academy Membership: for serious singers preparing for exams, auditions or Professional Launch.

You can enjoy: all the benefits of the Gold Academy PLUS professional coaching and mentoring to prepare for your exam, audition or professional launch, PLUS direct access to your tutor 7 days a week!

*excluding holidays

The Speak Up! Voice Mastery Academy

Voice Training Packages to Suit Your Needs.

The Speak Up! Voice Mastery Academy has been carefully created to help you get the most from your speaking voice quickly, easily, and safely.

You will learn: 

  • Relaxation Techniques

  • How to shift 'gears' in your voice for different scenarios

  • How to project your voice 

  • How to speak with more confidence

  • How to improve your communication skills 

Online Accelerator Program: This 8-lesson program will help you to achieve your technical speaking goals, allowing you to set your own pace and achieve in your own timeframe. 

You can enjoy: 8 online recorded lessons, Private Facebook Group for ongoing support for one year, Progression Journal. 

Group Course: You can enjoy all of the benefits of the Online Accelerator Program, PLUS 8 live online group lessons (recorded and uploaded to your Members' Area), live real-time feedback.

One-to-one Course: You can enjoy all the benefits of the Online Program, PLUS 6 live one-to-one lesson and direct access to Carrie, *7 days a week!

*excluding holidays


Singing for Wellbeing

Feed Your Soul!


Singing for Wellbeing

With everything that has been happening around the world in recent weeks, we all need an outlet that allows us to express ourselves. It is well-reported and evidenced that singing can help to lift our mood and improve overall wellbeing. 

We combine NLP techniques, relaxation exercises and singing to help you to release day-to-day stress and reconnect with your love of singing!

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Term Dates

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September 2019 ~ June 2020

October 1st ~ December 10th

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Break November 4th - 10th

January 16th ~ March 31st

Term 2

Break February 17th - 23rd

April 27th ~ June 26th

Term 3

Break May 25th - 31st

July 20th ~ August 28 2020

Summer School

Group courses, Workshops, Bootcamp, and Kids' Academy to be held during July and August 2020. Dates tbc.


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