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World class singing lessons in the heart of Fulham or online in comfort of your own home, or anywhere in the world! 

Whether you’re a karaoke star, a singer-songwriter, an aspiring Musical Theatre performer, an upcoming artist or taking your grades, singing lessons can help you smash through the barriers that are holding you back, discover your true voice and let your light shine.


You will...

- explore your voice 

- quieten negative thoughts and unravel old beliefs about your voice

- implement professional singing techniques 

- create a plan for your professional singing career

Drawing from more than twenty years my experience as a professional singer, performing in more than thirty countries and selling three top ten albums, and as an award-winning vocal coach and voice expert, I will give you everything you need to level-up your singing and performance skills and become a better singer than you even imagined.

When you take singing lessons with me you can expect to improve:

- Breath Control

- Vocal Control

- Placement

- Belting and Vocal Projection

- Confidence in Your Singing that you can perform like a rock star!

And if you're a singer-songwriter you will find that you can sing your songs better than you hear them in your head.


In-person singing lessons can be taken at Dance Attic (spaces are limited).


Online singing lessons are brilliant for busy singers and are increasingly the first choice for professional singers in the 21st Century:

• No commute

• Take lessons from anywhere in the world

• No disruptions to your schedule

• Easy to access from any internet device 

• Learn from a leading London voice coach rather than a mediocre local teacher


I am a best-selling artist and award-winning voice coach. I have been teaching since 2003, introducing online singing lessons in 2018. I have worked with singers and performers, soul and reggae and rock artists to touring theatre companies and Conservatoire members - and even one of Lady Gaga’s touring crew!

Start - or continue - your singing journey today. Click the link below to book your Consultation.

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Singing lessons for singers, singer-songwriters and performers. Online or in the heart of Fulham with award-winning vocal coach Carrie Griffiths.

Book your Consultation by clicking the button below.

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Carrie Griffiths performing on stage at a festival in Germany at night, to thousands of people

About Carrie Griffiths

Carrie Griffiths is a London based singer, voice coach, writer and entrepreneur.

She is a best-selling artist, having performed in more than thirty countries, selling three top ten albums including an international Number One.

As a young child, Carrie was told that her ambitions of becoming a famous dancer were "too wild" and that she should pursue more humble goals. Dispappointed with this advice, Carrie continued to dance throughout her childhood, travelling up and down the country entering - and winning - numerous competitions and performing in shows.

After leaving school Carrie gave up dancing and took up a "normal" job as a florist before working for five years as a croupier in London's Mayfair casinos. 

Singing came relatively late in life for Carrie. Her first husband gave her singing lessons for Christmas in 1999 at the age of 23.

Reinstating her love for performing, those words of caution from Carrie's childhood became her driver. 

Carrie was determined to succeed and decided to make singing her life.  She wanted to show others from similar, under-privileged backgrounds that success is possible, no matter who you are and where you come from.

While building her singing career Carrie studied at ICMP, London's leading music college, gaining a BMus Music Performance and holds RSL Awards Level 6 Teaching Licentiate. She went on to gain a PGCE (Teaching Qualification) at the world-class Institute of Education at the University of London.

During this time Carrie experienced domestic and narcissistic abuse. She truly believes that singing saved her life, giving her the strength to get out of her situation and continue to perform and appear on international radio and television.  

Drawing from more than twenty years as a singer, singing teacher and voice coach, Carrie creates bespoke programs for singers, speakers and other creatives so that they can achieve results and reach their goals with more ease and confidence. 

Carrie has enjoyed a co-existing career as Music Lecturer and Course Leader for Music Performance, and Singing Lead for Performing Arts in London colleges for ten years. She is an seven-times published co-author, selling four international Number One books.

Carrie is course creator, certified accredited Master Coach, mentor, and certified Master NLP Practitioner. She is currently training as a Vocal Sound Therapist and is undertaking a Level 4 Diploma in hypnotherapy.

In January 2021 Carrie utilised her business experience to co-found the global community Queens in Business Club for female entrepreneurs, helping them to get more press and publicity for themselves and their businesses, which reached six figures in its first year. Carrie parted ways in April 2022 to refocus on music. 

Carrie's hobby and pet project is interviewing punk bands and artists on her Youtube channel, London Lens TV. Alongside her love of history, old buildings and an obsession with Stevie Wonder, Carrie loves the four Ps: performing, punk, peanuts and period dramas. In that order. <3

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I've grown hugely in confidence since having singing lessons with Carrie, who provides fantastic coaching that has vastly improved my singing technique and performance skills. Carrie has also supported my journey in sight singing and music theory. A fantastic coach that blends technical expertise with holistic advice to improve all areas of speaking, singing, and performing.

Natalie De Freitas ~ Choir/Contemporary Singer

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