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Are you a singer who wants to move forward but feels frustrated and unsure what to do next?

Whether you want to sing in the shower or perform to thousands, a bump in the road can look like a mountain to climb!


What can we do? 

I had the same doubts when I decided to take my singing seriously. So whatever stage you’re at, whether beginner or an established singer, we can weed out the doubt! ​

Having toured internationally, performing to audiences of thousands, trained and studied the voice and performance for twenty years, I have created the S.I.N.G. System. Supporting you beyond traditional singing lessons, this is an exciting four-part strategy to accelerate your singing and, if you so wish, your earning potential! 

The combination of teaching, coaching and professional guidance can help you through your journey - everything you need for confident, successful singing, plus online support, networking and gigs! 



Overcome the most common singing challenges in just FIVE DAYS!

Are you a beginner who can hold a tune but is scared to sing beyond a certain point in your voice?

Have you ever thought:

1. How can I stop my voice from cracking?

2. How can I project my voice?

3. How can I breathe properly for singing?


There are a few ways to develop all of these important techniques and when we know what to do we CHOOSE the technique depending on HOW we want the notes to sound. 


In fact, you can learn other ways to sing high notes AND project your voice in just five days with our online mini-course, Jumpstart Your Singing!

You will see exactly how to:


- project your voice

- hold longer notes

- expand your range


When you sign up, you will receive your log in details and access the first of five lessons. All videos are less than ten minutes long, meaning you can fit them in anywhere! No fees, travel or childcare to arrange!

Jumpstart Your Singing! is worth £47 - but you can access your course absolutely FREE!!!


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