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FREE Taster Session

Finding a singing teacher can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what questions to ask other than “How much do you charge?”

Let’s be honest, while the investment is important, isn’t it true that it’s more important that you’re sure that the teacher you’re interested in can actually help you?

Join this group session to try me out and discover how singing lessons can help you to…

~ build more confidence
~ understand your voice
~ improve breath control
~ extend your vocal range
~ take your singing to the next level

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for group or one-to-one singing lessons.

Spaces are *limited so click the link and sign up now!

This session is suitable for adults age 18 or over who are serious about singing and looking for singing lessons.


Online Speaking Voice Training, Singing Lessons, and Life Coaching for Adults

Improve your singing and build more confidence in just twelve weeks - even if you don't know where to start! 

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I've grown hugely in confidence since having singing lessons with Carrie, who provides fantastic coaching that has vastly improved my singing technique and performance skills. Carrie has also supported my journey in sight singing and music theory. A fantastic coach that blends technical expertise with holistic advice to improve all areas of speaking, singing, and performing.

Natalie De Freitas ~ Choir Singer

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Private singing lessons and group classes develop stronger, more controlled, more powerful vocals  build unstoppable confidence and in just twelve weeks, whether you think you're tone deaf, or you are an experienced singer.  Click the link to find out how...

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A smooth, controlled and powerful speaking voice can transform your delivery, build more confidence and maximise your impact as a Speaker in just eight weeks.

If you're new to Public Speaking - or a longstanding Professional, discover how you can develop a stronger speaking voice, more stamina, and unstoppable confidence - without worryng about getting sore, croaky, or losing your voice.

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Life Coaching

As creatives we often feel like we have more to offer but we're unsure how to reach our true potential.

Maybe you feel confused, stuck, demotivated,or simply don't believe that you deserve success.

Your complimentary Breakthrough Session will help you to unravel the overwhelm, and leave you empowered, motivated, and ready to take the right actions to create success on your terms,

Click the link and book your FREE Breakthrough Session now. 

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Artist Development

The transition from hobbyist to professional singer can be difficult to navigate, especially if you're unsure what direction you want to go in or if you even have what it takes to make money from singing. 

Over 3, 6, or 12 months the Artist Development coaching and mentoring program helps you to understand exactly what you can do to build a professional singing career, covering everything from confident networking to marketing your first release or tour and managing your finances. 

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About Carrie Griffiths

Carrie is a London based singer, voice coach, author, and entrepreneur.

She is a best-selling artist, having performed in more than thirty countries, selling three top ten albums including a an international Number One.

As a young child, Carrie was told that her ambitions of becoming a famous dancer were "too wild" and that she should pursue more humble goals. Dispappointed with this advice, Carrie continued to dance throughout her childhood, travelling up and down the country entering - and winning - numerous competitions. 

After leaving school Carrie gave up dancing and took up a "normal" job as a florist before working for five years as a croupier in London's Mayfair casinos. 

Singing came relatively late in life for Carrie. Her first husband gave her singing lessons for Christmas in 1999 at the age of 23.

Remembering her love for performing, those words of caution from Carrie's childhood became her driver. 

Carrie was dtermined to succeed and decided to make singing her life.  She wanted to show others from similar, under-privileged backgrounds that success is possible, no matter who you are.

While building her singing career Carrie studied at ICMP, London's leading music college, gaining a BMus Music Performance and hold RSL Awards Level 6 Teaching Licentiate. She went on to gain a PGCE (Teaching Qualification) at the world-class Institute of Education at the University of London.

Drawing from more than twenty years as a singer, singing teacher and voice coach, Carrie has created and developed a vocal system that anyone can use to cultivate a strong, powerful voice and establish a successful career as a singer or Public Speaker. Carrie also helps other creative professionals to end overwhelm and procrastination and reach their goals by taking real-time actions that create results.

Carrie is a Music Lecturer and Course Leader for Music Performance and Singing Lead for Performing Arts in a London college. She is a published author, course creator, certified *accredited Master Coach, mentor, and certified Master NLP Practitioner, and is creator and host of punk rock Youtube channel London Lens TV.

In January 2021 Carrie, along with her five business partners, Co-Founded the global community Queens in Business Club for female entrepreneurs.