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Singing Lessons for Reggae Singers

Reggae, Ska, Rocksteady, Lovers Rock, Roots, Dancehall and Bashment are all unique from other styles of contemporary music. Even Two-Tone has its own set of stylistics both rhythmically and melodically. And the vocal styles of reggae and all of its sub-genres can be tricky to deliver authentically - even as a seasoned reggae singer.

If you are hitting blocks in your singing, unravelling the challenges with your singing voice can be confusing and frustrating.

Embrace reggae’s distinctive sound and stylistics. As a reggae singers, learning how to implement specific vocal techniques will help you to develop your unique sound while emanating an authentic sound. And with online singing lessons you can hone your reggae singing and performance skills and build more confidence, from anywhere in the world!


While there are a number of vocal styles the delivery of reggae vocals for requires an inherent understanding of the of reggae music and reggae artistry in order to perform with stylistic and vocal accuracy as a reggae singer.

You can learn how to...

- Expand your range

- Improve pitch and accuracy

- Develop stronger vocal control

- Develop a smoother tone

- Improve your breath control

- Understand and implement reggae's specific characteristics

- Differentiate stylistics within reggae's subgenres

- Find your own voice and develop your unique sound.

My name’s Carrie Griffiths and I am a singer, speaker, writer and voice coach.

When I started my singing journey back in 1999 I took classical voice training and Musical Theatre. As I developed into a contemporary singer I quickly noticed that different genres utilise different parts of my voice and that I could emanate them with some ease.

I now specialise in online singing lessons, helping singers, singer-songwriters and musicians to develop their singing and performance skills and make their name as professional artists.


Even if you’re the shyest singer you know, you'll find that my easy-to-follow teaching style will help you build the confidence to shine. 


Reggae and, more specifically, Ska has been a dominant genre in my personal and professional life.

I have shared the stage with such legends as The Skatalites, Dawn Penn, Dave Barker and Susan Cadogan, as well as Tippa Irie and Pato Banton.

I help reggae singers to develop a more authentic reggae sound while enabling you to stay true to your natural vocal sound. I have been singing for more than twenty years and teaching singers since 2003. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an established artist, sing ska, rocksteady, reggae, lovers rock, roots, dancehall or bashment, I can help you to easily grasp the subtleties and characteristics of reggae singing in a way that feels natural.

You can prepare for:




Personal Appearances



​Book your first session FREE and discover how you can develop your reggae sound.

*Internet access required.

Singing Lessons for Reggae Singers: About


Do online singing lessons work?

The 2020 lockdown saw my biggest influx of students, all of whom learned online. Singers who work with me see huge leaps in their singing ability and enjoy high levels of personal and professional success. 

Online singing lessons are, arguably the best way to learn, for a number of reasons: 

  • No time consuming commute in hot weather or cold wind and rain, meaning less disruption for you and your family/friends/colleagues.

  • You can continue practicing your new skills immediately without having to wait until you get home.

  • Money saved on hiring a studio - which your singing teacher passes on to you.

  • Improve your singing and performance skills  from anywhere in the world.

  • Constant improvement in technology.

  • Physical locality is no longer an issue - I have even taught one of Lady Gaga's crew while on tour!

My first singing student to embrace remote singing lessons was from Hong Kong. He was a singer who was preparing for his audition at the highly regarded  Leeds Conservatoire. After working together for a year, he passed his audition and was offered a much sought after place.

Will online lessons work if I've never had singing lessons before?

Online singing lessons can be a fantastic way to boost your singing skills, regardless of your experience. In fact, the online learning environment can sharpen your active listening skills, supercharging your ability to connect with your voice and accelerate your development as a singer.

Do I really need a vocal coach?

With years of experience and ongoing training as a qualified and experienced vocal coach I understand the unique qualities of your individual voice.

I will guide you through customised vocal exercises crafted specifically to your needs and learning style, drawing from my extensive experience of training countless singers. 

You will unlearn  old habits that cause damage to your voice and create new habts that will build a strong foudation for great singing.

I have a background with more than two decades of professional singing and performance experience. This, coupled with my vocal training qualifications obtained from esteemed institutions like RSL Awards and ICMP music college, I have acquired a profound understanding of your voice as a musical instrument. This expertise enables me to navigate the intricacies and subtleties inherent in each distinctive voice, ensuring a rapid and  comprehensive understanding of your specific vocal requirements.

How long will it take to improve my singing?

Everyone is different and the speed at which your singing skills improve depends on how committed you are to developing your singing skills. You can improve with just a few lessons, however vocal mastery takes time, practice and patience. There are no quick fixes. You're learning a skill. It's not quite a marathon, but it's definitely not a sprint! Depending on where you're at right now and where you want to be, you can expect to invest around a year into your singing journey

For complete beginners who are planning a career in music or Performing Arts, I have found that it takes an average of 2/3 years to reach a proficient level of singing with the strongest skills that professional recording and gigging singers need.  

Singers who practise regularly usually see results more quickly than those who are more casual about their progress.

Singing Lessons for Reggae Singers: FAQ
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Who Am I?

I am a professional singer with more than twenty years of experience. During that time I have performed in more than thirty countries to audiences of up to 30,000 and sold three international top ten albums, including a Number One. 

But I wasn't a born singer. As a child I was a dancer; singing came much later, when I was 23. Because of this it is my belief that it's NEVER too late to get serious about singing.

While building my singing career, I  achieved Grades in both Popular Music and Musical Theatre, going on to complete my degree in Popular Music Performance (Vocals) at London's top music college, ICMP.

I have taught as a Music Lecturer in Inner Greater London colleges for more than a decade, leading music, music performance and performing arts courses from GCSE to Degree level.

I embrace lifelong learning. I have studied with and alongside some of the world's most prominent vocal coaches and eagerly share everything I learn with my students.

I have been honoured to work with thousands of singers and musicians who have gone on to have varied and lucrative careers in music, media and the performing arts.

Singing Lessons for Reggae Singers: About
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