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Online Singing Lessons for Rock Singers

Unleash Your Inner Rock Star!

Are you passionate about rock music?

Whether you’re a seasoned rock singer or just starting out, if you’re looking for the ultimate journey in vocal mastery, online singing lessons can work for you.

Envision unlocking the secrets of your voice as you delve into targeted vocal exercises tailored to your voice and your preferred way of learning. We will release your unique voice, crafting your tone and style in a way that feels authentic.

I will help you to develop:

Better Vocal control

More Vocal stamina

Enhanced Tone and Timbre

Stronger Vocal Projection

Singing with grit, rasp and distortion

Vocal Scream

Vocal Health and Hygiene

Imagine honing your pitch-perfect accuracy, expanding your vocal range and crazy vibrato.

Together we will sculpt your voice into an unstoppable force, focusing on top vocal health so that you can perform to full vocal capacity, strengthening your voice against the rigours of live and studio performance and constant touring.

Who Am I?

With more than two decades of professional singing and performance experience, coupled with esteemed vocal training and teaching qualifications, I bring a wealth of knowledge to guide you on your journey. It doesn’t matter if you’re a budding talent or a seasoned performer, my customised approach will unlock your true potential, paving the way for  personal and professional success.

At Your Convenience...

And the best part? You don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home (or tour bus). Embrace the convenience of online singing lessons. With ever-evolving technology at your fingertips, you’ll experience seamless progress from anywhere in the world. And if you can’t access the internet for live lessons we can make arrangements for recorded personalised singing lessons.

Rock singers who work with me don’t just learn ‘how to sing’. I mould raw talent into refined powerhouses, creating confident vocal warriors.

It's Your Time

Develop technical skill, unwavering passion and vocal prowess and transform your vocal instrument.

Want to learn more about online singing lessons?

Book your consultation today and let’s start to upgrade your vocals.

Online Singing Lessons for Rock Singers: About
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Meet Your Voice Coach

Carrie Griffiths is a passionate music lover who has been immersed in the music industry since 2001. Starting her journey as a professional singer, Carrie soon discovered her love for teaching when she coached a group of young singers at a Rock School workshop in 2003.

With over twenty years of musical experienced under her belt, Carrie has performed in more than thirty countries for crowds of up to 30,000 and has scored three international Top Ten albums, including a Number One hit.

Carrie is a qualified teacher and Lecturer, holding Grade 8 Musical Theatre, Grade 8 Popular Music, BMus Popular Music Performance, Level 6 LCTL Music Teacher Diploma and Masters Level PGCE.

For more than a decade, Carrie has shared her expertise in London’s Further- and Higher Education colleges and universities, guiding countless musicians to personal and professional success. Her students have gone on to thrive in the music, media and performing arts industries at all levels including performance, marketing, law and accountancy.

Ready to elevate your singing skills? Schedule your Singing Consultation and get ready to make musical magic.

Online Singing Lessons for Rock Singers: About Me


Do online singing lessons work?

Do online singing lessons even work?

Arguably, opting for online singing lessons stands out as the best way of learning:

  • No cumbersome commutes through the heat or biting cold, sparing you and loved ones from disruptions.

  • Immediate continuation of practice sessions without having to wait until you get home.

  • Savings on studio rental, which are then passed on to you.

  • Ability to build and develop your singing and performance skills from anywhere in the world.

  • Consistent advancements on technology to facilitate learning.

  • Physical distance in no barrier to your success: many of my singers take lessons on the road – including one of Lady Gaga’s touring crew.

Singers who learn with me see remarkable results in their vocal prowess, confidence and personal and professional achievements.

Will online lessons still work if I've never had singing lessons before?

In a word, Yes. Learning to sing online line is, in fact, enhances your active listening skills, enabling you to progress even faster.

Do I really need a vocal coach?

With years of experience and ongoing training as a qualified and experienced vocal coach I understand the unique qualities of your individual voice.

I will guide you through customised vocal exercises crafted specifically to your needs and learning style, drawing from my extensive experience of training countless singers. 

You will unlearn  old habits that cause damage to your voice and create new habts that will build a strong foudation for great singing.

I have a background with more than two decades of professional singing and performance experience. This, coupled with my vocal training qualifications obtained from esteemed institutions like RSL Awards and ICMP music college, I have acquired a profound understanding of your voice as a musical instrument. This expertise enables me to navigate the intricacies and subtleties inherent in each distinctive voice, ensuring a rapid and  comprehensive understanding of your specific vocal requirements.

How long will it take to improve my rock singing.

Depending on where you're starting from, how committed you are to practice and what you wan tot achieve, it can take anything from twelves weeks to 4 years to reach your learning goals as a singer. 

In my experience of more than twenty years I can share that the journey from novice to vocal mastery takes around 2/3 years.

Of course, committed singers who engage with a regular practise routine make quicker progress than singers who practise sporadically.

Do You Offer In-person Singing Lessons?

A limited number of face-to-face singing lessons may be available in Fulham; a premium fee applies to in-person singing lessons.

Online Singing Lessons for Rock Singers: FAQ
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