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Coaching and Mentoring

Personal and professional development for artists

Navigating the music industry can be challenging at the best of times, and with so many moving parts at play, things can get confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. You start to get demotivated, procrastination sets in and you end up either busy doing nothing, or watching in desparation as things grind to a complete stop, impacting your personal life as well as your career.

Wherever you are on the success ladder, if you've been singing for two years or more I'll help you fit the pieces together, figure out how to move forward, and help you to get and stay motivated so that you can enjoy the fruits of your success and feel more fulfilled in your personal and professional life. 

Download my free guide and discover five ways that you can reduce overwhelm, end procrastination and get motivated. 


Thaise Braga, Singer

 I am really keen to learn more about myself and to start dealing with my inner fears.

I was so surprised by the questions she asked me and how she managed to go through my points; I was expecting something more superficial, but Carrie actually brought me into a place that really got me revisiting habits and thoughts that I should get rid of; Also she managed to help me to identify where to start…It could not be more helpful!

I loved her kind way to clarify the questions for me and her sweet approach.

Now I can say I do have more clarity around my goals and I feel more energised than ever!

I couldn’t recommend Carrie more! Totally would choose her over and over again as a Coach!