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Singing Lessons in Brixton

...and Online

One-to-one singing lessons for contemporary singers and singer-songwriters. I will help you to identify specific challenges and unlock your hidden singing talents. 


I help singers, singer-songwriters and performers to grasp professional singing techniques and embrace their unique voices. You can get clarity on the way your voice works so that you can sing with more confidence, power and emotion, with less effort.


If you feel shy or nervous when you sing, you will notice less tension when you sing. You'll enjoy singing even more and grow in confidence. 


Add more colour and magic to your own songs and develop your sound so that you can perform your songs even better than you hear them in your head.


Build on your existing singing skills or uncover blindspots in your performances so that you can develop your professional profile.

During your free first session I will develop a learning program specific to your voice and level. In just a few weeks you will:

- Find your own voice

- Expand your vocal range

- Improve vocal control

- Improve pitch and accuracy

- Build more confidence


I work with dedicated singers who are ready to commit to their growth as a singer. These are primarily adults and young adults who are working towards:

Grade Exams (Age 8+)





Click to book your Free First Session and discover your voice.

Singing Lessons Brixton: About
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Meet Your Voice Coach

Carrie Griffiths started singing professionally in 2001, falling into teaching in 2003 after being asked to train singers on a Rock School workshop for 16-19 year olds.

With more than twenty years of live and recorded experience, Carrie as performed in more than thirty countries to audiences of up to 30,000 and sold three top ten albums internationally, including a Number One.

Carrie has completed all Grades in both Popular Music and Musical Theatre, reading her degree, BMus Popular Music (Vocals) and London's top music school, ICMP. 

Carrie has taught in numerous settings and organisations including her role as  Music Lecturer in London colleges for more than a decade.

Over the years, Carrie has worked with thousands of singers, many of whom have carved successful careers in the music, performing arts and media industries.

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Singing Lessons Brixton: About Me


Why choose online singing lessons?

Online singing lessons are the most efficient way to learn. There is no annoying commute in hot weather or cold wind and rain, meaning less disruption for you and your family/friends/colleagues. 

My first online singing student was a Conservatoire prospect in Hong Kong. We worked together for a year, he passed his audition and was accepted to the highly respected Leeds Conservatoire.

The 2020 lockdown saw my biggest influx of students, all of whom learned online. My students make huge leaps in their singing ability and enjoy high levels of success. I have even taught touring artists and performers - including one of Lady Gaga's entourage.

Can beginners benefit from online singing lessons?

Regardless of your starting point, online singing lessons can help you. In fact, learning online improves your active listening skills, meaning that learning to sing online may even speed up your progress as a singer.

What are the advantages of having a vocal coach?

A trained and experienced vocal coach, I has the ability to work through the unique workings of your individual voice.

Drawing from my extensive experience of training countless singers, I will craft customised exercises tailored to your voice, enabling you to unlearn harmful habits and establish new ones. These exercises will contribute to the development of a robust and healthy voice, while increasing power and stamina.

With over two decades of professional singing and performance experience, coupled with my vocal training qualifications obtained from esteemed institutions like RSL Awards and ICMP music college, I have acquired a profound understanding of your voice as a musical instrument. This expertise enables me to navigate the intricacies and subtleties inherent in each distinctive voice, ensuring a rapid and  comprehensive understanding of your specific vocal requirements.

How long will it take to improve my singing?

Singing is a skill that anyone can learn and, like all skills it takes some time and commitment. I recommend that beginners dedicate at lest 30 minutes a day to their progress. Established singers will usually have some kind of routine and, with weekly lessons a singer who fully immerses themselves in their growth can expect to be ready to perform or record to a good standard within a few months, and full mastery takes an average of two-and-a- half years. 

Singers taking Grades can usually complete a Grade in around six months. There are eight Grades. Complete noivces and youger singers can also take Pre-Grade exams and advanced singers can go on to take a Diploma in Singing.

What Are Grades and who can take them?

Grades are musical exams that can be taken by anyone of any age who wants to track their progress and earn recognised, certified qualifications.

There are eight Grades and some awarding bodies offer introductory exams that can be taken by complete beginners and young children. 

I teach Grade singers from the age of eight. I always recommend that younger singers try performing arts classes or group singing lessons, if possible, before taking 1:1 singing lessons.

Book your first session FREE to find out more about Grades and exams.

Singing Lessons Brixton: FAQ
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