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Singing Lessons in Fulham

Online lessons also available

Discover your voice and build confidence in your singing skills with a professional, experienced voice coach.

Whether you're a shy beginner or a seasoned professional, taking your singing to the next level couldn't be easier. My speciality and expertise lie in helping singers, singer-songwriters and performers to embrace the fullness of their voices so that they can create incredible performances both live and in the studio.


I've been teaching singers online and in the Fulham and surrounding areas since 2003, delivering fun, dynamic singing lessons. I'm an energetic award-winning voice coach and singing teacher, best-selling artist and have performed in more than thirty countries, racking up three Top Ten albums -  including a Number One. 


After your free first session you can book weekly singing lessons where we will go through a tailored warm up followed by technical exercises specific to your voice. 

We will pinpoint problem areas and unlock those parts of your voice so that you can:

- Improve your breath control

- Develop stronger vocal control

- Expand your range

- Improve pitch and accuracy

- Develop a smoother tone

- Find and embrace your own voice

- Sing with emotion 

- Build an impressive repertoire











Musical Theatre

And you can rehearse and prepare for:



Audition Preparation


Book your FREE First Session now and discover how singing lessons could help you.

Singing Lessons in Fulham: About
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Who Am I?

As a professional singer with more than twenty years of experience I have performed in more than thirty countries to audiences of up to 30,000 and sold three international top ten albums, including a Number One. 

Having completed Grades in both Popular Music and Musical Theatre, I completed my degree in Popular Music Performance (Vocals) at London's top music college, ICMP and have taught as a Music Lecturer in Inner Greater London colleges for more than a decade.

I have worked with thousands of singers and musicians who have gone on to have varied and lucrative careers in music, media and the performing arts.

Singing Lessons in Fulham: About
Carrie Griffiths Performing_edited.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Do online singing lessons work?

I have been teaching online via Skype since 2018 and my students have seen dramatic improvements and high levels of success. My first ever online student was in Hong Kong and was accepted  into the highly-regarded Leeds Conservatoire after 1 year of online singing lessons. 

Other students have passed their Grades with Distinctions, toured internationally and secured professional contracts.

I’m a beginner, would online Singing lessons work for me?

Our results have proved time and again that online singing lessons work for singers of all levels. An added bonus is that online singing lessons can be recorded on Skype, saving memory space on your device.

Why do I need a vocal coach?

A trained, understands how your voice works as an instrument and can help you to undo old habits and create new habits that help you to avoid causing long term or even permanent damage to your voice. 

With more than twenty years of professional singing and performance experience and vocal  training qualifications from both RSL Awards and ICMP music college, I know how your voice works as an instrument and understand the intricacies and nuances of individual voices. 

How many singing lessons will I need?

It depends on your starting point, your goals and your level of commitment. 

On average it takes around three years of weekly singing lessons for committed singers to go from complete novice to professional standard. 

How much do singing lessons cost?

We have a range of programs for serious singers. Our most successful singers are on our Platinum program (£1,500). Our most popular package is £250 and complete novices enjoy our £30 package. During your Vocal Assessment we will discuss where you're at right now, your goals and your needs and agree a suitable program for you.

Singing Lessons in Fulham: About Me
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