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What Are Vocal Dynamics?

When a vocal performance captivates us, there's a magical quality that grabs our attention and stirs our emotions. It’s not always easy...

How to Sing With More Emotion

Singing is all about sharing stories and messages. You want to tap into their emotions so that they are invested in the song and the...

How to Sing With Vibrato

Discover exactly what vibrato is and how you can use it to add colour and texture to your voice with this free video tutorial.

How to Get Motivated and Empowered

How many times have you said the well-used phrase "I just can't be *rsed?" I know I say it regularly. You know this thing really needs to...

How to Get Unstuck and Live Authentically

How many times have you heard the phrase "Just be yourself"? It's likely that someone has said this to you when you're feeling nervous,...

How to Cure a Lost Voice

How frustrating is it when you lose your voice just when you've got important stuff coming up? Find out the best way to heal your voice.

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