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Singing Lessons for Pop Singers

Voice training should be fun, regardless of your current level. But if you've been learning or practicing as a pop singer  by yourself and find yourself getting frustrated and confused when you hit the same vocal blocks time after time, I'm here to help.

Unlike classically trained singers, pop  singers use a variety of  techniques that allow them to create colourful tones and timbres, project their voices in a number of different ways and relate to their audiences with emotion. 

I will help you to pinpoint blocks to specific areas of your voice, break down the barriers and allow your voice to shine.

As a pop singer, when you work with me you will quickly and effortlessly grasp specific exercises tailor-made to your voice, unleashing your true potential and allowing our voice to soar.

It doesn't matter if you’re already a star performer looking to tweak your voice,  a karaoke star or a shy beginner, my friendly, easy-to-follow guidance will take you step-by-step through exactly what you need to do. Singing lessons or pop singers will help you to... 

  • Improve breath control

  • Sharpen accuracy and pitch control

  • Enhance your vocal tone 

  • Sing with controlled vibrato

  • Expand your vocal range

  • Belt without straining

  • Build more confidence

  • Develop more vocal strength, power and stamina

Ready to get started?

Book your Consultation and discover how singing lessons for pop singers can help you.

Singing Lessons for Pop Singers: About


Singing Lessons for Pop Singers: FAQ

How long does it take to learn to sing?

Like everything else worth doing, singing takes regular practice and commitment.

Vocal mastery takes time, practice and patience. There are no quick fixes; you're learning a special skill. It's not quite a marathon, but it's definitely not a sprint! You can expect to se improvements after a few lessons, and complete beginners should expect to be ready to perform within six months. However, everyone is different and your singing skills will improve at the rate that's right for you. In essence, the more you practice, following the right guidance, the faster you will progress.

I have found that it takes an average of 2/3 years to reach vocal mastery; singers taking Grades can expect to complete a grade within 6-8 months.  

Singers who practise regularly usually see results more quickly than those who are more casual about their progress.

What if I've never had singing lessons before?

It doesn't matter how long you've been singing for. Both face-to-face and online singing lessons will accelerate your learning, giving you an edge over singers who are learning by themselves 

In fact, the online learning environment can boost your active listening skills, meaning your your ability to connect with your voice is more accurate and your development as a singer is accelerated.

Do I really need a vocal coach?

With years of experience and ongoing training as a qualified and experienced vocal coach I understand the unique qualities of your individual voice.

I will guide you through customised vocal exercises crafted specifically to your needs and learning style, drawing from my extensive experience of training countless singers. 

You will unlearn  old habits that cause damage to your voice and create new habts that will build a strong foudation for great singing.

I have a background with more than two decades of professional singing and performance experience. This, coupled with my vocal training qualifications obtained from esteemed institutions like RSL Awards and ICMP music college, I have acquired a profound understanding of your voice as a musical instrument. This expertise enables me to navigate the intricacies and subtleties inherent in each distinctive voice, ensuring a rapid and  comprehensive understanding of your specific vocal requirements.

Are Online Singing
Lessons as Good as Face-to-Fa?

My first singing student to embrace online singing lessons started with me in 2018. He wanted to secure a place at the prestigious Leeds Conservatoire. After working with me for a year, he passed his audition and was awarded the highly desirable place.

Since then I have taught hundreds of students online from around the globe who have gone experienced high levels of personal success and to build lucrative singing careers. and my own preferred choice for learning and study is always online. I have even taught Lady Gaga's crew while on tour.

Arguably, online singing lessons beat in-person singing lessons for a number of reasons.... 

  • Improve your vocal and performance skills from the comfort of your own home - or anywhere in the world with internet connection.

  • You can continue practising immediately after your singing lessons without having to wait until you get somewhere quiet.

  • Save time and money with no frustrating commute in hot weather or cold wind and rain meaning you avoid navigating the many traffic jams, delays and strikes we experience in London.

  • You can continue practicing your new skills immediately without having to wait until you get home.

  • Save money on studio hire - which your singing teacher passes on to you.

  • Record your singing lessons onto the video platform rather than taking up space on your device.

What is Your Rate?

I have a number of singing lessons packages and lesson options. Please book a call to find out how I can help you and to discuss your options.

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Who Am I?

I am a professional singer with more than twenty years of experience. During that time I have performed in more than thirty countries to audiences of up to 30,000 and sold three international top ten albums, including a Number One. 

But I wasn't a born singer. As a child I was a dancer; singing came much later, when I was 23. Because of this it is my belief that it's NEVER too late to get serious about singing.

I graduated with BMus Music Performance and LTCL music teaching Licentiate from ICMP, London's top music college after completing Grades in both Popular Music and Musical Theatre, while building my singing career. I went on to complete my PGCE at the prestigious Institute of Education.

As a qualified Music Lecturer I have taught, developed and led music, music performance and performing arts courses from GCSE to Degree level in Inner and Greater London colleges for more than a decade.

I embrace lifelong learning in myself and in others. I have studied with and alongside some of the world's most prominent vocal coaches and love sharing everything I learn passionately with my students.

It is always an honour to work with dedicated singers and many of the  thousands of singers and musicians I have trained have their own professional careers in music, media and the performing arts industries.

Singing Lessons for Pop Singers: About
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