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Online Vocal Coach

for Vocal Grade Exams

Welcome to Secret Vocal Academy, your premier destination for mastering vocal grade exams through tailored online coaching. Whether you're a beginner aiming for Grade 1 or an advanced vocalist pursuing Grade 8, our expert vocal coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. Achieve your musical dreams with our flexible, personalised, and convenient online vocal coaching sessions that you can take from anywhere in the world.

I’m Carrie Griffiths. I’ve been dedicated to helping singers like you for more than twenty years. With twenty-five years in the business as a best-selling artist, performing in more than thirty countries I'm here to help you sail through your Grades effortlessly and with a focus on fun while you learn.

There are two types of Vocal Grade Exams

Performance Certificates focus fully on vocal technique, expression and visual performance skills, ensuring a you become a fully rounded vocal performer.

Grades focus not only on vocal technique and delivery as with Performance Certificate, but music theory and musicianship ensuring a fully holistic musical experience.

You can start or continue your singing journey by booking a private Singing Consultation. Simply clicj the link below to book yours today!

Online Vocal Coach for Vocal Grade Exams: About
Free Singing Course for beginners and returners

How It Works?

Vocal Grades and Performance Certificates with RSL or ABRSM

Complete Novice/Young Singers (Debut):

Understand how your voice works, develop musical knowledge and build confidence. 

Beginner to Intermediate (Grades 1-4):
Build a strong foundation with our beginner to intermediate vocal coaching programs. Focus on fundamental techniques, breath control, pitch accuracy, and fun repertoire to ensure a solid start to your vocal journey.

Intermediate to Advanced (Grades 5-8):
Refine your skills with advanced techniques, complex repertoire, and detailed exam preparation. I will help you tackle challenging pieces and develop your unique vocal style.

Aural and Sight-Reading Skills:
Enhance your aural and sight-reading abilities, essential components of vocal grade exams. Our targeted exercises and practice sessions will boost your proficiency and exam performance.

Performance Coaching:
Gain confidence and stage presence with our performance coaching sessions. Learn how to convey emotion, connect with your audience, and deliver captivating performances.

Book your Singing Consultation with Carrie to explore your options and find out more about preparing for your Vocal Grade Exams.

Online Vocal Coach for Vocal Grade Exams: About Me
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Why Choose Me for Vocal Grade

I'm a seasoned professional singer and I've been captivating international audiences since 1999. My passion for music naturally flowed into teaching back in 2003 when I started sharing my vocal skills and passion for singing with budding young singers in Harlow, Essex.

  •  Experienced Vocal Coach:

I have been preparing singers and instrumentalists for Grade and academic exams for over a decade. Having taken exams and experience of grading assessments, I have a experienced both sides of the coin. I have a deep understanding of how it feels to prepare for and take vocal exams, as well as exam board requirements and techniques. My priority is that you have fun while receiving the best possible vocal training.

  •  Flexible Online Sessions:

You have access to flexible online singing lessons that fit into your schedule. Whether you prefer evening sessions or daytime vocal coaching, I can accommodate your needs.

  •  Personalized Training Plans:

Every student is unique, and so is my approach. I create personalised training plans tailored to your skill level, goals, and the specific requirements of your grade exam.

  •  Comprehensive Exam Preparation:

From technical exercises to repertoire, sight-reading, and aural skills, my comprehensive vocal training covers all aspects of the vocal grade exams. I will ensure you are well-prepared and confident on exam day.

  •  Convenient and Accessible:

Access top-notch vocal coaching from the comfort of your home. No need to travel - online singing lessons brings my expertise in professional vocal coaching directly to you.

More Than Just A Voice Coach!

I've had a blast travelling to more than thirty countries to perform to crowds of up to thirty thousand fans. Before that, I completed my Grades in both Popular Music and Musical Theatre before completing my BMus Music Performance (Vocals) Degree at London's prestigious ICMP (Institute of Music Performance). Alongside my singing career and private teaching practice, I have led Music Performance and Production courses as Course Leader and Music Lecturer for more than ten years in inner London Further Education colleges.

Your Opportunity...

Just imagine it: you, like so many of Carrie’s students, could be launching a successful career in the music, performing arts or media industries, not only as a singer, but as a music therapist, producer, talent scout or music lawyer! And if you simply want to build confidence and improve your singing skills for your own enjoyment, Carrie can help you with that, too.


Book a Singing Consultation with Carrie to explore how you can reach your full singing potential. Click the link below and book your Singing Consultation today!

Online Vocal Coach for Vocal Grade Exams: About Me


Online or in-person singing lessons?

Online singing lessons are the most efficient way to learn. There is no annoying commute in hot weather or cold wind and rain, meaning less disruption for you and your family/friends/colleagues. 

My first online singing student was a Conservatoire prospect in Hong Kong. We worked together for a year, he passed his audition and was accepted to the highly respected Leeds Conservatoire.

The 2020 lockdown saw my biggest influx of students, all of whom learned online. My students make huge leaps in their singing ability and enjoy high levels of success. I have even taught touring artists and performers - including one of Lady Gaga's entourage. 

For those who prefer the in-person experience, the buzz at dance attic will inspire and motivate you to reach your potential and hone your talent.

I'm a beginner. Will Online Singing Lessons Work for Me?

Of course! It doesn't matter where you're starting from, online singing lessons can help you. In fact, learning online improves your active listening skills, meaning that learning to sing online may even speed up your progress as a singer. My students love the freedom that online singing lessons give them, meaning they can continue to learn even when they're on our (or on holiday).

Will a vocal coach actually help?

In a word, Yes!

As a trained and experienced vocal coach, has the ability to understand the unique workings of your individual voice.

Drawing from my extensive experience of training countless singers, I will craft customised exercises tailored to your voice and learning style, enabling you to unlearn harmful habits and establish new, healthier ones so that you can develop your own unique singing style and fly through your vocal grade exams.

How long does it take to pass Grade Exams?

This varies between singers. In my experience, singers who practice at least four times a week can expect to pass a Grade in around 4-6 months.

What Are Grades and Who Can Take Them?

Grades are musical exams. They can be taken by singers of any age who wants to earn certificates for recognised qualifications and evidence their skills on paper.

There are eight Grades and, for complete beginners and young singers, introductory exams, meaning that singers of all levels can get on the road to success straight away.

While I welcome Grade singers from the age of eight, I always recommend that younger singers try performing arts classes or group singing lessons first, so that they get the feel of learning to sing.

 Ready to get started? Schedule a Singing Consultation for a chat about how you could expand your musical horizons via Vocal Grade Exams.

What equipment do I need for online singing lessons?

All you need is a laptop or a mobile phone. A second device is advisable if you have one. There is no need to buy a microphone or any special equipment.

Online Vocal Coach for Vocal Grade Exams: FAQ
Online Vocal Coach for Vocal Grade Exams: About Me
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