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In Fulham and Online

Children learn best when it's fun.

With more than twenty years of teaching experience under my belt, teaching singers and musicians from the age of seven upwards, I have tried and tested every teaching method I have come across. 

I have created a fun system that helps children to explore their voices freely, understand how their voices work and build unstoppable confidence that transfers to other parts of their personal, social and academic life. Watch your child blossom as their voice builds strength, colour and character. 

What will they learn?

 With practice, in just a few weeks your little one will be able to...

- Feel the different parts of their voice

- Hear more strength in their singing voice

- Have more control when they sing

- Sing with even more confidence

Kids who learn to sing with me always have a well-structured learning plan, guided homework and recorded bespoke exercises, tailored exactly to their level, their language and learning preferences and their vocal requirements. The girl in the photo passed her Grade 1 with Merit!

Who is it for?

I offer singing lessons to children aged seven and above who are preparing for shows, studio recordings, auditions and Grades (vocal exams). These lessons are not suitable for children whose parents are curious about their children's  voices or for children who don't want to sing in public.

Before booking your call I recommend at least one term of group session. This will give you and your child a taste of what's involved when they take on singing lessons.

To get started on your exciting journey, book your FREE Vocal Assessment today

Singing Lessons for Kids: About

Who Am I?

My name's Carrie Griffiths. I'm a professional singer and qualified voice coach with more than twenty years of experience.


I have enjoyed a long and varied career, performing in more than thirty countries to audiences of up to 30,000. I have been honoured to record three international top ten albums, including a Number One. 

While building my singing career I completed Grades in both Popular Music and Musical Theatre, before completing a degree in Popular Music Performance (Vocals) at ICMP, London's top music college.  


I have immersed myself in lifelong learning, gaining professional and academic teaching qualifications (PGCE and RSL Teaching Licentiate). With these qualifications and my holistic experience I have taught as a Music Lecturer on Further and Higher education courses for more than ten years, leading, creating and developing recognise academic and vocational courses up to and including degree level.


I love helping singers to develop the professional and personal confidence to achieve their dreams and have worked with thousands of singers and musicians who have gone on to have prosperous  music, media and performing arts careers.

Singing Lessons for Kids: Welcome
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Take Singing Lessons Online?

In a word, yes! You don't need any extra equipment, jut your device and a relatively quiet space.

My online singing students have experienced great success and really enjoy online singing lessons. My first ever online student was a Hong Kong singer. He secured a place at the highly-regarded Leeds Conservatoire after taking online singing lessons for just one year.

Furthermore, my online singing students have achieved Distinctions in their Grades, Worked professionally and secured international tours.

Our results have proved time and again that online singing lessons work for singers of all levels. An added bonus is that online singing lessons can be recorded on Skype, saving memory space on your device. Even if you're a beginner, online singing lessons can work for you. ​​

Do I  really need a vocal coach?

A trained, understands how your voice works as an instrument and can help you to undo old habits and create new habits that help you to avoid causing long term or even permanent damage to your voice. 

With more than twenty years of professional singing and performance experience and vocal  training qualifications from both RSL Awards and ICMP music college, I know how your voice works as an instrument and understand the intricacies and nuances of individual voices. 

How many singing lessons will I need?

It depends on your starting point, your goals and your level of commitment. 

On average it takes around three years of weekly singing lessons for committed singers to go from complete novice to professional standard. 

How much do singing lessons cost?

We have a range of programs for serious singers. Our most successful singers are on our Platinum program (£1,500). Our most popular package is £600 and complete novices enjoy our £30 package.

During your Vocal Assessment we will discuss where you're at right now, your goals and your needs and agree a suitable program for you.

Can I take in-person singing lessons?

There are a limited number on in-person singing lessons which can be taken at Dance Attic in Fulham.

Singing Lessons for Kids: About Me
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