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How to Sing Confidently in Front of a Crowd

Maybe you can relate: You LOVE to sing, but as soon as anyone is listening you freze up, lose confidence and can't control the quiver in your voice.

You're not alone.

Losing confidence in front of an audience is an issue a lot of singers have when they come to me for singing lessons and help with their performance skills. Comfidence isn't something you can buy in a jar, or learn once and be forever 'cured'. Confidence comes with practical experience and doing the thing that scares you.

Image: Carrie Griffiths performing in Germany

It may surprise you to know that, for the first year that I was taking singing lessons, my neighbour complained every time I practised. But I knew what my end goal was and I wasn't about to let her negativity get in the way of my dreams.

Since then I have been in numerous groups and bands, and performed as a solo artist. I have performed in more than thirty countries, even selling a Number One album.

These are my three top tips that have helped hundreds of singers to build the confidence to sing to an audience:

  1. The first thing is to get comfortable singing at home. Tell your flatmates/housemates/roommates that you’re going to start singing at home so that you can improve, and may agree a time that you can do this that won’t disturb them and vice versa. As you’ve said that you’re practicing so that you can improve, you and they will all know that your singing won’t be perfect yet and maybe they will even encourage you.

  2. For “belting it out”, try doing what I used to do on tour in smaller hotels and accommodation: singing into a pillow or cushion. That way, you can let rip without worrying about disturbing your neighbours.

  3. Thirdly, singing in front of a mirror and record yourself singing. This will help you get used to being “watched”. Avoid the temptation to re-record and go with the first recording. Show it to someone you trust and ask them what’s good about it. At this point, you’re only focusing on the good.

After a few weeks, bring up your singing with a roommate you get along with and ask how they think it’s going. You’ll come to realise that people are a lot more open and encouraging than you may think.

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Happy singing - stay hydrated!


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