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More than singing lessons!

Professional training for speaking and singing; Trans and Non-binary voice modification; Therapeutic Singing for Health and Wellbeing

There are lots of reasons people look for voice training. Here at the Secret Vocal Academy we believe that your voice can make an impact whether you are commanding thousands from the stage, or talking with your friends over coffee. Whatever your reason, you could be closer to a solution than you realise!

You could be a singer looking to take the next step, an educator or an entrepreneur set to make a big impact, or it could be that you are simply uncomfortable with the sound of your own voice.

Perhaps you have

experienced physical or emotional trauma and would like to support your healing process with therapeutic singing.

We can also help with voice modification, to masculinise, feminise or neutralise your voice. 

Whether you're starting from scratch or just want to make a few tweaks, the simple system I have created can unlock your voice in just a few weeks, so that you can speak or sing with more control, strength and power!

I was really nervous about my future when I decided to take my singing seriously, but when I learned how to use my voice correctly I became a lot more successful more quickly. 

What I learned from having toured internationally, performing to audiences of thousands and selling a number one album, is that as long as you are determined, and have the right people around you, you can do anything! 

As a singer, Speaker and Voice Coach, I have found that there are four main challenges that all of us face when we try to improve or enhance our voices in any way. Drawing from twenty-one years of singing and sixteen years of teaching, I have created a simple 4-part system that ANYONE can use, to help you to project your voice effortlessly, master professional speaking and singing techniques, master melodic speech and develop unstoppable confidence and even create financial growth and maximise profits. 

As someone who feels motivated to move forward and take the next step in developing a more dynamic voice, you may be unsure whether now is the right time to invest in vocal coaching. Or perhaps you're feeling nervous about the current situation or the future. No one can control the future, but if you look after today, you have a better chance of success tomorrow. ​​

Singing for Health and Wellbeing ~ focussed mindful and uplifting group or solo singing and relaxation, helping you to relieve stress, reconnect with your voice and body to improve specific ailments and enhance general wellbeing. 


Chloë Bisson, Entrepreneur, Business Mentor, Professional Speaker

...just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help with my voice coaching. The techniques you've shared with me in such a short space of time have been a life saver! I can now speak for longer, project my voice so much betterand don't feel nearly as exhausted afterwards because it flows so much easier! Thank you so much Lovely!

Term Dates

for Group Courses
September 2020 - June 2021

Group lessons available for speaking training only. Group singing lessons postponed until further notice.

September 28th ~ 23rd November

Term 1

Break tbc

January 18th ~ March 31st

Term 2

Break February 17th - 29th March

April 26th ~ June 26th

Term 3

Break May 25th - 28th May

July 5th ~ August 27th 2021

Summer School

Group courses, Workshops, Bootcamp, and Kids' Academy to be held during July and August 2021. Dates tbc.


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