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Should Singer-Songwriters Take Singing Lessons?

There are many different types of singers. Some are classical singer who perform and record ancient or modern compositions, others are backing vocalists who perform with lead singers and signed artists. There are musical theatre performers, wedding and function singers who cover popular songs and there are even signed artists who write with a team or have entire songs written for them. All are vital for the entertainment industry and have specific talents and abilities that they have honed for many years.

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Singer-songwriters are slightly different from other singers in that they have a unique set of skills that enable them to create and perform their own music. They will usually have a strong idea of how they want their songs to sound, and they rely on their vocal  skills to bring life to those songs. However, without proper training, many singer-songwriters may find themselves struggling to hit the right notes, create the right sounds or dynamics or struggling with vocal fatigue.

All of this means that they can’t fully express themselves the way they want to, which can be extremely frustrating. That’s why taking singing lessons can be so beneficial for singer-songwriters.

Some of the singers I have worked with come to me after struggling for years and it can take a long time to undo bad habits so that we can introduce new, more effective singing and performance techniques.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why singer-songwriters should consider taking singing lessons to train their voices.

Getting the Sound You Want

One of the main reasons why singer-songwriters might want to take singing lessons is that they can help to understand more about how your instrument works and how you achieve the sound you want. When you write a song, you have a specific vision in your head for how you want it to sound. But when you start to sing it, you might find that you struggle to hit certain notes or that your voice doesn’t sound the way you want it to. You may strain your voice trying to force things and end up feeling like you’ll never be able to sing your own songs. This can hold you back as an artist. But with singing lessons you can learn to control your voice and produce the sounds you want.

Working With Your Voice

For singer-songwriters, understanding how your voice works will enable you to work with it, so that you can use it the way it was designed to be used, rather than trying to force it to do something it can’t.

Many singers try to force or squeeze their voices, especially at the top end or when trying to project their voices, leading to vocal fatigue, vocal strain and even vocal damage. Instead, with proper training you can learn how to allow your voice to flow more freely, and use it in a way that is more comfortable and natural. This can help

you sing with less effort and more ease, which is particularly important when you are performing live and have lots of gigs lined up.

Improving Vocal Health

Singer-songwriters can spend a lot of time recording and performing, which can take a toll on their vocal health. Without using proper vocal technique, singers can experience strain, fatigue and even damage to their vocal cords, often not seeking help until it’s too late.

But with singing lessons, you can learn how to sing in more healthy way. In a way that builds more strength the more you sing. This can include learning proper breathing techniques, how to warm up and cool down your voice (something most singers end up regretting)plus how to avoid vocal strain and injury.

This can include learning proper breathing techniques, how to warm up and cool down your voice (something most singers neglect) and how to avoid vocal strain and injury. By taking care of your instrument, you can ensure that you're able to perform at your best, both in the studio and on stage at any time.

Building Confidence

Singing can he a vulnerable and exposing experience. For singer-songwriters who are sharing their own music it can be especially exposing as they are often sharing their own thoughts, feelings and experiences. But with singing lessons, you can build your confidence in your singing and performing abilities. Furthermore, you’ll be able to use your new skills to create more interesting melodies, add more dynamics express yourself more creatively.

As you learn proper vocal techniques and develop your professional skills you’ll feel less self conscious when you’re singing, helping you to deliver better performances and connect even more deeply with your audiences.

Finding Your Unique Sound

Singing lessons can help you to find your unique sound as a singer-songwriter. Everyone's voice is different, and a good, experienced singing teacher can help you to identify and develop the qualities that make your voice unique. This can help you to stand out from other singers and create a sound that is truly your own. By working with a singing teacher who understands your goals and your musical style, you can develop your skills in a way that supports your unique vision for your music.

Ultimately, singer-songwriters benefit massively from training their voices.

By learning and using proper vocal techniques, developing healthier vocal habits, and building confidence in their vocal talent, singer-songwriters can achieve the sound they want, connect more deeply with their audiences and perform at their best. If you're a singer-songwriter who is serious about taking your music to the next level, consider investing in singing lessons. With the right training and support, you can develop your skills and musicianship and create a sound that you not only love, but that is truly your own.

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