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Mixed Voice Singing: The Gateway to Powerful Vocals

Updated: Jul 8

Mixed voice singing can be the missing link in your vocal journey. Utilised by pop, jazz, blues, soul, gospel and RnB singers, mixed voice singing is also the key to stronger, more powerful vocals.

Embarking on a journey to explore the realms of mixed voice singing is like unlocking a treasure chest filled with the harmonious jewels of twang, projection and belting. In the enchanting world of vocal prowess, understanding the significance of establishing the chest and head registers is the key to mastering mixed voice singing.

This article delves into the heart of this important vocal technique. I’ll shed light on how mixed voice singing transforms a “decent” singing voice into a versatile instrument, opening  up your singing voice capable of reaching new heights.

Two female singers of African descent singing into the same microphone. The singer on the left is wearing a silver sparkly oversized overjacket with a black dress underneath. The singer on the right is wearing a pink sparkly v-neck oversized dress. Both singers have braided hair up in ponytails.
Mixed voice singing - the key to soaring vocals

The Essence of Chest and Head Registers

Picture your voice as a palette of paint colours that you can combine to create your unique masterpiece. The chest register, often associated with warmth and richness, sits in the lower part of your vocal range. It’s like the strong roots, grounding your voice with a depth of resonance. In contrast, the head register occupies the higher part of your vocal range. It has a lighter sound, and can lend an ethereal quality, adding brightness and clarity to your vocal palette.

Establishing a robust chest register provide the foundation for a powerful and grounded sound. It’s the anchor that roots your voice, allowing you to build strength and power. On the other hand, nurturing your head register frees the higher notes, allowing you to expand your vocal range and adding layers of texture to your melodies.


The “Magic” of Mixed Voice

Now, imagine combining the strength of chest register with the purity of your head register – this is the magic of the mixed voice (also known as blended voice and blended register). It’s like finding the sweet spot where the two worlds collide. Remember the times, when you’ve been happily singing a strong melody in your lower range then hit a wall as you approach the higher range? This is where the combination of chest and head voice create a seamless blend of power and finesse. Mastering mixed voice singing enables you to traverse your local landscape effortlessly, bridging the gap between the lows and highs with a smooth and balanced transition.


Twang: The Secret Weapon

Do you ever wonder how some singers effortlessly carry their sound with a piercing resonance that captures your attention? That’s the power of twang. Twang is a resonant, focused sound that adds a sharp edge to your vocals. Mastering mixed voice opens up the secret weapon that turns your voice into a captivating force.


Projection: From Whispers to Roars

One of the most exciting aspects of mixed voice singing is the newfound ability to project your voice with unparalleled strength. It’s like channelling your voice through an amplifier and turning up the volume.

Belting: Soaring to New Heights


The Holy Grail of many singers, belting is the art of singing powerful, sustained notes with unwavering strength. When you have mastered mixed voice and twang you have unlocked the door to belting. You now have the control and agility necessary to conquer the challenges of belting, elevating your singing to a level that commands attention, admiration and even inspiration.

In the tapestry of singing, mixed voice is the golden thread the weaves together the seemingly separate elements of head and head registers. It’s the pathway to projection, opening the gates to twang and belting and transforming your voice into a dynamic and versatile instrument. Embrace the journey of mastering mixed voice singing and let your voice reach heights you never thought possible.


Are you ready to unlock the floodgates to an outstanding singing voice? Book your consultation with Carrie Griffiths today and discover your true potential.


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