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How to Get Motivated and Empowered

How many times have you said the well-used phrase "I just can't be *rsed?" I know I say it regularly. You know this thing really needs to be done - and sooner, rather than later. You've already been putting it off and you've made all the ezcuses under the sun. So much so that you're even annoying yourself with your lack of motivation.

I know exactly how that feels. I even had it today when I knew I had to write this blog. And that's not because I don't truly LOVE what I do, helping creatives like you to live your best life. It's just that today was a rare warm and sunny day in London and I would rather have walked along the River Thames, taking in the street entertainment and enjoying a leisurely lunch than be glued to my laptop finding the link to the right video and writing emails. But I've made a commitment to get this information out to you and I like to uphold my commitments.

But when you have the discipline to do what is important, rather than what is easy, you empower yourself.

What do I mean by that?

When you're able to show up and do what it takes, it means the YOU are in control of your results. You control what happens, rather than allowing external forces to control you. Ask me how I know.

So how can you get motivated and empower yourself, even when you're feeling, tire, deflated and your get-up-and-go had got up an gone?

Today's question will help you reset, refresh and get your motivation back. Remember to like and share today's question with someone you think will benefit.

Stay hydrated.

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