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How to Build More Confidence to Speak on Camera

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

3 myths that could be holding you back from making videos...

Are you keen to make videos, deliver group training or go live but tremble at the mere thought of it?

Would you rather feel empowered in front of a camera, ready to reach your audience and build your client base?

Perhaps right now you’re thinking about making videos or going live, overanalysing the situation, feeling overwhelmed and completely stressed out by it all.

The thing is, only a handful of us are naturals when it comes to getting in front of an audience. Most people are scared stiff of talking in camera. And that’s ok.

Now that businesses know and understand the value of online communication, more and more of us are creating video content and streaming live events. But if you want to start getting comfortable but find yourself trembling at the mere thought of it, I’m going to debunk three common myths that you might be telling yourself…

MYTH #1: I have to remember my script.

REALITY: You are not an actor! And even actors play around with their lines from time to time. Even if you are it’s ok to improvise, based on a topic and a premise. As long as you know what you’re going to talk about and you know your topic well, you’ll actually do better if you don’t know EXACTLY what you’re going to say.

MYTH #2: I shouldn’t use notes.

REALITY: It’s ok to use notes. You are not a robot! I have it on good authority that even Tony Robbins looks at notes from time to time. If it’s good enough for Tony…

MYTH #3: People will judge me.

REALITY: Ok, this one isn’t a myth. People will judge you, but the point is, more people will thank you, than will judge you negatively. In any case, YOUR audience and YOUR clients (whether they have bought from you or not) will LOVE what you have to say and be grateful to you for helping them.

So if that annyoing voice in your head has been telling you you're not ready to hit record, I'll be running a Masterclass for women and non-binary individuals to help them come out of the shadows and shien bright, the way you were made to.

Join me next Thursday morning at 11am for a 60-minute Masterclass to help you find the right words and speak confidently on camera without freezing up and running for the hills.

Click the link to book your seat.

Stay hydrated. x


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