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Singing for Wellbeing

Fun Online Sessions For Singers and Non-Singers

Singing is a lot of fun! 

And you don't have to be a "good" or serious singer to enjoy the benefits that singing has on your emotional, mental, and physical health. 

Singing has long been proven to enhance and improve mental and physical wellbeing, relieve stress, ease anxiety, cognitive development, and is beneficial for patients with lung diseases, Parkinsons and dementia. Singing also helps improve communication skills and increase confidence. 

Like other wellbeing programs, our friendly sessions have more effect when you get involved over a period of time, rather than coming to one-off sessions. 

When you join our 6-week Singing for Wellbeing program you will enjoy...

~ reduced stress

~ enhanced feelings of calm

~ better connection between your body and your mind

~ improved relationships owing to less stress

~ better awareness and ability to manage your thoughts

~ increased confidence

~ and of course, improved singing! 


These are not traditional singing lessons, but fun sessions where you will be able to connect with and enjoy your voice, let loose and have a laugh! 

After an initial introduction you'll be guided through a set of relaxing melodies. You'll be invited to either listen or to join in, depending on your preference, in a series of focused melodies and harmonies.

Following a rejuvenating _________ you'll leave feeling more in tune with your natural rhythm, with an enhanced feeling of peace, wellbeing and connection with yourself and the world. 

Participants have reported less physical pain, lower stress levels and reduced anxiety for a number of days following a Singing for Wellbeing session. 

- No previous experience necessary, all we ask is that you come with an open mind, get involved and be willing to have fun!

Reduced rates for keyworkers, students, and benefit claimants.

One-to-one sessions also available.

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