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Public Speaking for Creatives

Public speaking is a valuable skill that can benefit creative individuals in many ways, such as building your personal brand, promoting your work, and networking with other creatives.

Whichever your specialism, we can help you to speak to your audiences with more confidence, style and flair.

Whether you're planning to host your own podcast, Youtube channel, live or virtual event or feature as a guest, at the end of this hybrid course you will leave stage-ready and adapt to any audience for any length of time with ease and confidence. 

Bespoke 1:1 Training

Bespoke training will help you to create your unique educational training, coaching presentation or motivational talk easily and confidently.

Example Modules:

~ Choosing Your Topics

~ Structuring Your Talks

~ Delivering With or Without Notes or Slides

~ Overcoming Nerves and Speaking More Confidently

~ Better Breathing and Vocal Control

~ Pace, Expression and Dynamics

~ What to do When You Freeze

~ Reading, Adapting to and Engaging your Audience

~ Adapting to Time Constraints


~ Downloadable Templates and resources.

~ Real-world homework activities and tasks to put your learning into action.

~ One-to-one support via email and Whats App.

~ Final Evaluation and Further Learning Plan. 

Book your Consultation to find out more about your options.

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