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Some people can be said to have the 'gift of the gab'. For others, it doesn't come so easily. I remember, as a shy extrovert,  how long it took to get comfortable with speaking on stage, despite my love of performing. At times, I even found it difficult to  keep normal day-to-day conversations going.

Whether you're a seasoned professional, a nervous yet determined presenter or simply want to build your confidence when speaking to others, public speaker training can work for you. And if you often end your sessions feeling sore, fatigued, or croaky, it can be frustrating and even worrying. 

Our programs are designed to help you work with your voice more effectively, so that you can build more confidence and strengthen your conversational, business or Public Speaking voice and speak with more without feeling embarrassed or worrying about straining, damagin, or losing your voice. 

You can create professional yet accessible presentations that you can deliver to any audience, and adapt to any timescale without a script. 

So whether you want  enjoy more day-to-day conversations, or you're preparing to speak to a room, on stage, or on camera there is a program that is right for you.

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Carrie Griffiths How to Project Your Speaking Voice FREE Ebook

How to Project Your Speaking Voice 

Understand more about your speaking voice and how you can start building strength, volume, and power today. 

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Voice Projection Launchpad Online Course

Voice Projection Launchpad

This short course is your step-by-step guide to developing a more pwerful voice that you can project without getting sore or croaky, or losing your voice. 

Develop more confidence to speak in crowded rooms, on stage, or on camera. 

Each pre-recorded lesson is less that ten minutes long, meaning that you can fit your learning into even the busiest schedule. 

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...just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help with my voice coaching. The techniques you've shared with me in such a short space of time have been a life saver! I can now speak for longer, project my voice so much betterand don't feel nearly as exhausted afterwards because it flows so much easier! Thank you so much Lovely!

Chloë Bisson ~ Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Business Coach and Mentor, International Speaker