Voice Training for Speaking

Supporting hetero, trans, and non-binary individuals in business and personal interactions.

With more and more businesses now online the need for public speaking has increased more rapidly that anyone imagined. 

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a nervous yet determined presenter, public speaker training can work for you. 

Our programs are designed to help individuals create professional yet accessible presentations that you can deliver to any audience, and adapt to any timescale without a script. 

So whether you're preparing to speak to a room, on stage, or on camera one of our professional speaking programs is right for you.

Lone Microphone

Public Speaking and Presenting On Camera

Speak confidently to your audience without a script - face-to-face or on camera.

Have you ever been speaking to audience feeling nothing but terror?

Do you find yourself getting choked up, stumbling over your words and wondering why it's suddenly so difficult to breathe? 

And to make matters worse, do you find that you're constantly clearing your throat, only to end up hoarse, or with a sore throat, sounding like you've had a sing-off with Barry White?

Would you like to instead have the confidence to speak to audiences of any size without going blank, freezing up, or forgetting your next line?

If, like 75% of the global population the thought of speaking in public fills you with dread, you can learn ways to feel less nervous and silence that little voice in your head so that you can create and deliver presentations that people will enjoy and that you will love sharing.   

And of course, as your voice coach not only will you get you step-by-step advice, support, and guidance on your presentation, but you will also learn how to build a vocal strength and control so that you can speak for hours without losing your voice. 

Our program takes you through a tried and true step-by-step process so that you can:

  • Confidently present from large stages or lead small meetings

  • Deliver your content without a script

  • Speak for longer without straining or constantly clearing your throat

  • Project your voice with ease and make yourself heard effortlessly

This is a 12-week group program that is jam-packed with time tested stategies, giving you everything you need to go from fearful to fearless so that you can speak with certainty and authenticity.

Book your complimentary consultation to find out more about the program and how it will work for you. 


Voice Feminisation

For individuals from all backgrounds

I am delighted to offer sensitive, client-led voice training and coaching. 

Having worked with transitioning AMAB and non-binary individuals in the past three years, you are offered a safe, discreet, and supported space so that you can explore your voice without any external pressure, judgement, or expectation so that you can find and comfortably share your true voice.

You will be able to:

~ explore your voice and instrument

~ explore voice manipulation and gender perception so that you can make decisions about your voice and instrument

~ adapt to the subtle changes in your voice

~ explore and navigate inflexions and nuanced slants in female and feminised voices

...so that you can confidently lead day-to-day conversations or deliver professional presentations.

To find out more about whether voice feminisation is right for you please book your free Consultation Call. 


Carrie Griffiths Voice Training

London, UK

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