Sing Your Heart Out!

From the shyest church mouse to vivacious, roaring diva, we will work together to find your true voice!

Singers who work with me enjoy a full program of holistic learning, from breath control to choosing your on stage outfits!

Professional Training for Exams, Auditions and Performances

Whether you are starting from scratch, returning to singing after a break, or continuing your training, we will work together to create stand out performances or prepare for exams & auditions.

We will work on:

·    ​Transitioning between registers

·    Stronger head voice

·    Stronger lower notes

·    Projection and belting

·    Backing Vocals and harmonies

·    Improvisation

·    Riffs, runs, and melismas

·    Performance Skills and confidence building

·    Music theory and sight-reading

·    Microphone technique

·    Studio etiquette and technique


Singing and Performance

Are you getting ready to sing to audiences? No matter how much you love singing, getting on stage can be scary. And if you've been gigging for years it's good to sharpen the saw.

You see, singing is about so much more than just hitting the right notes. 

As well as building a strong voice that people want to hear, we will work together to create memorable performances. 

You can take your singing lessons online. 

Carrie Griffiths Voice Training

London, UK

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