Fun and lively sessions

Singing lessons for contemporary (not classical) singers ages 12 years or over.

If you or your child are preparing for performances, auditions, or exams, our one-to-one singing lessons and singing courses will help you to discover your voice and build the strength and confidence to create your best performances to date. 

So whether you're getting ready for gigs, auditions, or exams, we will work together to enhance your best bits and break through your challenges.

Here are some of the skills you can learn...

·    ​Bridging your lower and higher notes

·    A stronger high voice

·    Extending your range

·    Voice projection and belting

·    Backing vocals and harmonies

·    Improvisation

·    Riffs, runs, and melismas

·    Performance Skills and confidence building

·    Music theory and sight-reading

·    Microphone technique

·    Studio etiquette and recording techniques


...just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help with my voice coaching. The techniques you've shared with me in such a short space of time have been a life saver! I can now speak for longer, project my voice so much betterand don't feel nearly as exhausted afterwards because it flows so much easier! Thank you so much Lovely!

Chloë Bisson ~ Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Business Coach and Mentor, International Speaker

Private 1:1 Lessons


1:1 lessons are the best way to learn if you are serious about singing, especially if you are preparing for gigs, shows, auditions or exams. 

Singers who work with me have attained Grades, been accepted into Music and Performing Arts schools and university courses, secured professional contracts and signed record deals.

During your fun and lively lessons you will be learning professional techniques that will help you to unblock your voice and break through mental blocks around your abilities. 

Having worked with some of the world's top voice coaches and singing teachers I extract the best tools that will work for you and your voice to enhance your voice, build your confidence, and create memorable performances. 

Unlock the barriers that have been holding you back and free your voice.  

*While I would love to help everyone I have to make sure I have time for my existing students. If you would like to apply for one-to-one singing lessons please email me at and include your age, experience, what you would like to achieve and when you would like to start. Thank you.

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Group Course for Beginners

10 Week Course Starts September

This is the ultimate course for novices and singers who are trying out singing lessons for the first time. 

Over ten weeks we will lay the foundations that will set you up for great singing! 

You don't need any previous experience but if you have already completed Jumpstart Your Singing, you will be able to build on what you did over the five days. And if you have never had singing lessons before, this is the perfect place for you to get started! 

You will understand how your voice works, what you can do to feel more confident when you sing and we will be working on two contrasting songs so that you can practice what you learn immediately.  

I'll be sharing professional tricks that took me years to figure out...

  • Learn how sound like an established singer without years of training

  • Breathe properly and reach high without straining, cracking, or breaking your voice

Improve your tone and hold longer notes

  • Choose the right songs for your voice and approach singing like a professional musician

  • Look and sound more confident without faking it. 

These 90-minute sessions will be held at Dance Attic in Fulham.

Have questions? Please email me at

Thank you.