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Singing Lessons

~ for contemporary singers ages 12 years or over.

Singing lessons are perfect for singers getting ready for gigs and performances, auditions, recordings, or for singers who want to take Grades (exams).

You will be able to explore your voice fully and build the strength and confidence to create your best performances to date. 

Every lesson is tailor made to your voice and you will leave with a bespoke warm-up routine that will help you build a strong foundation for awesome singing. 

So whether you're getting ready for gigs, auditions, or exams, we will work together to enhance your best bits and break through your challenges.

Here are some of the skills you can learn...

·   How to develop an even stronger high voice

·    How to extend your range

·    How to project your voice​

·    Backing vocals and harmonies

·    Improvisation

·    Riffs, runs, and melismas

·    Performance Skills and confidence building

·    Music theory and sight-reading

·    Microphone technique

·    Studio etiquette and recording techniques

 You can take your singing lessons in Fulham or online. 

1-1  Lessons with Carrie Griffiths

One-to One Lessons

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Group  Program

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Audition Prep


I've grown hugely in confidence since having singing lessons with Carrie, who provides fantastic coaching that has vastly improved my singing technique and performance skills. Carrie has also supported my journey in sight singing and music theory. A fantastic coach that blends technical expertise with holistic advice to improve all areas of speaking, singing, and performing.

Natalie De Freitas ~ Choir Singer