It's not "just" singing...

Anyone can sing, but you probably know that it takes that little extra something to create outstanding performances.

If you or your child are preparing for performances, auditions, or exams, our one-to-one singing lessons and singing courses are the perfect solution.   

We will find what it is that makes YOU special, so that you can create unforgettable performancesn ail your auditions or smash your exams!

Whether you are starting from scratch, returning to singing after a break, or continuing your training, we will work together to create stand out performances or prepare for exams & auditions.

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Learn how to...

·    ​Transition between registers

·    Have a stronger head voice

·    Extend Your Range

·    How to project and belt

·    Backing vocals and harmonies

·    Improvisation

·    Riffs, runs, and melismas

·    Performance Skills and confidence building

·    Music theory and sight-reading

·    Microphone technique

·    Studio etiquette and recording techniques


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Gigs and Shows

Prepare for gigs, shows, and performances

Free 5-Day Singing Course

For Beginners and Returners

If you’re a beginner or a returning singer, Jumpstart Your Singing is the perfect place for you to start developing a stronger voice for shows, exams, or auditions. A combination of online lessons and live training, this online singing course gives you a chance to try lessons with me, completely risk free!, especially if you're a shy or nervous singer. Even better, you can start and restart as many times as you like, with no obligation. 

So if you want to... 

~ improve your breath control

~ sing higher notes without straining

~ hold longer notes

~ improve your tone

~ project your voice

..then this could be exactly what you're looking for.

What are you waiting for? Sign up today and get ready to Jumpstart Your Singing! 

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Carrie Griffiths Voice Training

London, UK

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