Singing Lessons

Beginner to Professional Level

Secret Vocal Academy Workshops and Bootc

Group Lessons

Group courses for singers who love the community vibe!

Perfect for beginners and improvers, these small group lessons will help you grow in confidence and nail your favourite songs. 

One-to-one and Professional Packages

Private training and professional coaching.

One-to-one lessons; Exam and Audition Prep


Ten Week Group Course

Perfect for beginners and improvers, these small and friendly group lessons will help you grow in confidence, develop a stronger voice and nail your favourite songs!


  • find and release tension blocking your natural voice

  • sing through your range without cracks or breaks

  • project your voice with ease

  • strengthen your head voice

  • improve breath control

  • sing confidently to an audience

Intermediate & Advanced singers

  • sing harmonies beautifully

  • nail riffs, runs and melsimas accurately

  • belt like a pro


One-to-One Lessons for Serious  Singers

Singing Mastery Gold and Singing Mastery Platinum 

One-to-one lessons are available for serious singers. ​

Invest in a block of lessons and choose the same time each week, or use the online booking system for more flexibility. Great for preparing for exams or auditions, or to explore your love of singing.

Face-to-face or online. 

Consultation required.



Singing Mastery Gold

6 lesson package for Serious Singers

Success is more likely with a package of lessons than random one-offs! Learn all of the above plus:

~ personal stylistics

~ adding character

~ timbre and tonality

~ advanced techniques

~ vocal effects including the growl and the rasp


Professional Training:
Singing Mastery Platinum

~ Exam and Audition Prep ~

Exam Preparation

Ten weeks of focused training in your chosen exam curriculum.

~ Vocal Technique

~ Music theory

~ Musicianship

~ Sight-reading

~ Improvisation

~ Performance Skills

~ Exam Procedure and Etiquette

Audition Preparation

Focused coaching on audition pieces, presentation and performance skills


Overcoming nerves

Vocal Technique

Performance Skills

Audition Procedure and Etiquette

Emergency Audition Prep: If you have an audition at short notice this two-hour session will help you prepare everything from hair and make-up to repertoire and performance! Audition Day support can also be arranged!


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