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Secret Vocal Academy Workshops and Bootc

Online Course

Fun online course for anyone who wants to experience the joy of singing to professional training and guidance.

First module FREE

When you sign up for my Intermediate Technique Workshop, you can be assured of plenty of individual attention and focus. Each lesson involves an element of learning and theory but the majority of the class is devoted to putting that theory into practice. Get in touch to find out more.

Group Lessons

Group courses for singers who love the community vibe!

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One-to-one and Professional Packages

Private training and professional coaching.

One-to-one lessons, degree level training

Includes exam and audition prep.


Fun Group Lessons

Learn how to sing or build on your existing talent.

Find, or rediscover the joy and pleasure in entertaining an audience.

Use your new-found energy and confidence to upgrade other areas of your personal and professional life.

Perfect for beginners or returners, musicians, dancers and actors.

Singing Mastery Live

Let your voice be heard!

Perfect for beginners, returners, and anyone who wants to sing for fun! Our small groups mean you get more personal attention from your tutor.

This ten-week course will help you to: 

- improve breath control

- develop an effective warm-up routine

- stop your voice from cracking or breaking

- use different effects to add texture

- sing harmonies

- increase confidence

- improve performance skills for memorable performances

Apply now to book your place!

Advanced Singers: Tuesday 7pm - 8.30pm.

Novice/Beginners: Thursdays 7pm - 8.30pm.

Term time only.

Next courses start:

Beginners/Intermediate: Thursday 16th January 2020

Advanced: Tuesday 21st January 2020. Small group - book now to avoid disappointment!

Sing for Fun Before the School Run!

Treat yourself - come and sing for fun between lunch and the school run!

​A brand new group singing session especially for local people who to sing for fun!

Come and have a laugh, build your confidence and do something for yourself before the weekend kicks in!

Perfect if you want to:

~ reach high notes without straining

~ sing without running out of breath

~ feel more confident

~ meet new karaoke buddies

~ or just have a laugh!

Thursdays afternoons 1pm - 2pm

Starts January


Singing Mastery Bootcamp

No time for weekly lessons?

Not all of us can spare the time for weekly singing lessons. That is why I have created the Singing Mastery Bootcamp for busy singers! 

Develop a stronger voice, build confidence and create outstanding performances in just one day! 

With a FREE aftercare package worth £397, you continue your learning after the Bootcamp ends at NO extra cost! 

We keep the Singing Mastery Bootcamp groups small so you have more personal interaction with your tutor.

Taking key elements of the S.I.N.G. System four-part professional singing strategy, you will develop skills that you can use in other areas of your personal and professional life for even more success. 

Morning session ~ 3-hour technical and professional workshop. Learn how to:

- Sing for longer without getting a sore throat

- Sing high notes without cracks or breaks

- Sing longer notes with ease

- Look after your voice so that you are always ready to sing

~ Make money from singing

Afternoon session ~ 3-hour confidence and performance workshop. Learn how to:

- Create outstanding performances

- Use tried-and-tested methods to build confidence 

- Overcome stage fright

- Sing to an audience

Book before January 31st for the AMAZING investment of just £97!!!


Traditional Singing Lessons

Straight one-to-one lessons - 55minutes

If you are looking for straightforward singing lessons these are available as a package.

Invest in a block of lessons and choose the same time each week or use the online booking system for more flexibility. Great for preparing for exams or auditions, or to explore your love of singing.

Emergency Audition Prep session also available.

Includes free access to Jumpstart Your Singing! online course. 

Face-to-face or online. 

Consultation required.



Six lesson package

Success is more likely with a package of lessons than random one-offs!

Professional Training

 For Serious Singers

Singing Mastery Gold and Platinum

​​Created for serious singers, this is the ultimate all-inclusive, intensive vocal musicianship program! Year-long intensive courses giving you direct access to your Tutor, this is degree level training in less time without the financial constraints.

With access to the entire S.I.N.G. Formula, Singing Mastery Gold includes group singing lessons in Fulham plus professional training and accountability. 

Singing Mastery Platinum includes one-to-one singing lessons in Fulham plus professional training and accountability. 

Areas covered: 

~novice to advanced singing techniques 

~ ensemble singing

~ musicianship

~ music theory 

~ harmony and arrangement 

~ performance skills 

~ personal and professional development and training 

~ performance opportunities. 

Exclusive offers to optional music production courses.


Membership to online accountability and support group. 

All Platinum students are invited to Ensemble singing sessions with Gold students to enhance their harmony and arranging skills.​​​​

Enrolment by application only. 


Exam and Audition Prep

Exam Preparation

Ten weeks' focussed training in your chosen exam curriculum.

Vocal Technique

Music theory




Performance Skills

Audition Preparation

Focussed coaching on audition pieces, presentation and performance skills.

Timescale variable


Overcoming nerves

Vocal Technique

Performance Skills


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