Graded Exams And Performances Certificates

Recognised Achievements


Did you know that Grades aren't reserved for orchestral musicians and classical singers?

Graded certificates help singers to focus their practice, learn music theory, and track their progress in a way that is recognisable to everyone - not just other musicians. 

PLUS - musicians and singers who complete Grades receive UCAS credits which are recognisable in UK university applications, meaning the sooner you start, the better chance you have of getting a place on your first Uni choice. 

I am qualified to teach and prepare students for Grades and have been helping singers achieve theirs since 2013!

If you or your young people have been thinking about taking Graded exams in Vocals, click the link to apply for our Platinum Academy. 

Performance Certificate

If you would like to track your progress with Grades but are put off by the music theory element, Performance Certificates could be ideal. 

Structured in the same way as Grades, Performance Certificates allow you to track your progress and gain recognised certificates. UCAS points are not awarded with Performance Certificates. 

If you are interested in the Performance Certificate, click the link to apply for our Gold Academy.


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