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Our next Group Course starts on Tuesday 21st February

Six week singing courses allow you to explore your voice, build more confidence, and develop a more controlled singing voice.

These fun and lively sessions will help you to understand more about how your voice works, what you can do to feel more confident when you sing and we will be working on specially chosen songs so you can implement what you learn straight away - and we always have a laugh while we sing! 

You will learn...

~ How to breathe properly and reach high notes without straining, cracking, or breaking your voice

~ How to improve your tone and hold longer notes

~ How to look and sound more confident without faking it 

~ How to sing harmonies in a group

You are just a few steps away from better singing, with less effort!

Group lessons are held at Dance Attic, Fulham. Click the link to book today!

Use the Promom Code BIRTHDAY for 28% discount.

Group Lessons: About Me
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FREE Taster Session

Finding a singing teacher can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what questions to ask other than “How much do you charge?”

Let’s be honest, while the investment is important, isn’t it true that it’s more important that you’re sure that the teacher you’re interested in can actually help you?

Join this group session to try me out and discover how singing lessons can help you to…

~ build more confidence
~ understand your voice
~ improve breath control
~ extend your vocal range
~ take your singing to the next level

You will also have the opportunity to sign up for group or one-to-one singing lessons.

Spaces are *limited so click the link and sign up now!

This session is suitable for adults age 18 or over who are serious about singing and looking for singing lessons.

Group Lessons: About Me
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