Singing for Wellbeing

Immersive and interactive singing and soundbaths sessions - even if you think you're tone deaf!


Release and Unleash

~ An introduction to Singing for Wellbeing - even if you think you’re tone deaf! 

We are looking for ten kickass female entrepreneurs and biz owners who love singing - even if you think you’re tone deaf! 

As a female entrepreneur or biz owner it’s easy to become stressed and worn out, especially if you are dealing with vicarious trauma. Throw in family into the mix and now you’re struggling to make any time for yourself and do something you love. 

That is why we created Release and Unleash. It’s a 45-minute interactive and immersive session that integrates soundbath therapy with singing for wellbeing. And  you can fit it into your lunchtime break while the kids are at school. 

This session can help you to

  • alleviate stress

  • banish burnout

  • reconnect with yourself

  • relax and refocus

This fun session is perfect for anyone who loves music and singing - no previous experience is needed and all abilities are welcome. 

Age 18 and over.


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