My Story

Frustrated employee to best-selling international singer and vocal coach.

Not all singers are “born”!

I started singing lessons in 1999 when I was 23, a Christmas present from my first husband.

My first teacher, Debbie Reynolds, was a huge inspiration. She encouraged me to join a local amateur Musical Theatre group. I was able to experience well-structured rehearsals, chorus lines and a small taste of the life of a performing artist. No matter that, aged 16, I had failed my audition for BTEC Performing Arts and had taken Theatre Studies A-Level a year later, instead!

My then-husband has since said that he doesn’t remember giving me singing lessons as a present but I have to give him his due; I’m not sure how the next twenty years would have panned out if he hadn’t!

Just over a year later, when my daughter was six months old, I realised that singing was all I wanted to do. Already working nights, it was a tough decision to leave my baby with her grandparents while I either worked at my job in one of London’s top casinos or performed across the country.

I moved back to Fulham in West London, where I was brought up, in 2001; when my daughter was six months old. Without a band, my first gigs were offered by DJ Boots Hifi, a DJ from Fulham, west London. He put on regular, well attended nights for free. I sang RnB hits to a backing track in those days. But my real love was rock, in particular, punk and metal.

I received a lot of interest at those gigs - some negative, but mostly very positive. I knew I had made the right decision. Knowing that I was a part of a good night out counteracted most feelings of guilt around seeing my daughter irregularly.

I spent most of those early years performing free gigs, learning my craft, taking singing courses and studying music theory.

I started teaching at The Square in Harlow, in 2004. Around the same time, I found my next one-to-one teacher, Mary. She was a mezzo-soprano who had spent most of her career singing with the Welsh National Opera. I was working part-time, studying hard and progressing Musical Theatre and Pop Music graded exams.  

Mary knew how committed I was and supported me beyond the duties of a traditional singing teacher.  Although it hadn’t been given the name at that time, my payment was to be to pay-it-forward when my time came. I think of Mary every time I give back to my community in whichever way I can.

I built a reputation as a reliable, professional singer and was soon being offered so many gigs that I had to turn down quite a few!

Between gigs, I worked part-time and taught group courses and one-to-one lessons. I took a Bachelors Degree in Music Performance, Rockschool (now RSL Awards) Teaching Licentiate and Masters Level PGCE teaching qualification.

Fast forward a few years and I am on stage in Europe performing to audiences of thousands!

I have sold number one albums and performed in over thirty countries, sharing stages with people I looked up to as musicians growing up, many of whom I now count among my friends. 

I have always loved teaching and, in addition to private teaching, I share my love of music with students in a South London FE college.

After researching and talking to aspiring and established singers, these packages have been created to help as many people as possible achieve their dreams. 

I am fortunate to have been able to help hundreds of singers take the next step. My mission is to help 100,000 aspiring singers to reach their potential - and much more! 

To your success!


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